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Democracy Digest Volumes 69-74: Iraq, Wal-Mart, the Free Speech Movement, Michael Parenti, Ralph Nader, Bev Harris, and Cindy Sheehan

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Democracy Digest Volume 69: Two Events with US Representative Maxine Waters
The "Out of Iraq" Town Hall Meeting commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the Downing Street Memo (Covenant Worship Center, Inglewood, Calfornia, 7/23/05) and "Iraqi Union Leaders Speak Out" (Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles, California, 6/18/05).
(When ordering, ask for "DD69")

Democracy Digest Volume 70: Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
The UCLA Conference on Wal-Martization (Ackerman Grand Ballroom, Los Angeles, California, 6/4/05).
(When ordering, ask for "DD70")

Democracy Digest Volume 71: Free Speech Movement @ 40 (Set of 3 DVDs)
Free Speech Movement 40th Anniversary Program: "FSM@40: Free Speech in a Dangerous Time"
UC Berkeley, October 4-10, 2004
(When ordering, ask for "DD71" to request all 3 DVDs or specify "DD71.1" "DD71.2" or "DD71.3" to request a specific disc.)

Democracy Digest Volume 72: 5 Events with Dr. Michael Parenti
"How I Became an Activist for Social Justice"; "The Assassination of Julius Caesar"; "Democracy vs. World Domination"; "Creating a Sustainable Economy: Lessons from History"; "Imperialism and US Empire: the CIA's 1953 coup d'etat in Iran"
(When ordering, ask for "DD72")

Democracy Digest Volume 73: Icons of the Green Movement
Greenpeace Co-Founder Rex Weyler, "Petra Kelly's Legacy", Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez, Lynda Hernandez, Sarah Knopp, Arlene Inouye, Pablo Paredes, Sonali Kohatkar, Bob Coleman, and Greg Kafoury.
(When ordering, ask for "DD73")

Democracy Digest Volume 74: Cindy Sheehan, Bev Harris, Arianna Huffington, Medea Benjamin and more
"Who Got Glitched?" with Bev Harris, and Cindy Sheehan's "Report Back from Camp Casey"
(When ordering, ask for "DD74")