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Democracy University Catalog; 2000 (du20-27)

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Democracy University Volume 20:
RANDALL ROBINSON: "The Debt: What America Owes Blacks," Marcus Books, Oakland, 1/20/00, 1:03.
Father ROY BOURGEOIS: "The Struggle to Close the School of the Americas," 3/12/00, 1:16
Documentary: "Crossing the Line," :16.
MEDEA BENJAMIN, Global Exchange Founder & Senate Candidate, 2/29/00, 1:09.
Ralph NADER at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, 3/1/00, :54.
BLASE BONPANE: "Ethics," L.A. Harbor College, 3/14/00, 1:37.
"House Demolitions & Peace in Israel" with Salim Shawamreh & Jeff Halper, 2/1/00, 1:54.

Democracy University Volume 21:
"Who Owns America?" with Bernie Sanders, Patrick Caddell, Jim Hightower, Michael Garcia, Antonio Villaraigosa, Robert Borosage, Dr. Jennifer Malin, Edwin Ellis, Madison Shockley, Jim Jontz, Arianna Huffington, Ellen Miller, Dennis Kucinich, David Korten, David Freeman, Barbara Osborn, H. Meyerson, & Peter Dreier. University Synagogue, L.A., Ca., 4/9/00,5:03.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "U.S. Foreign Policy in a Globalized World," Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 3/13/2000, 1:37.
RALPH NADER: "Governments, Corporations, & the Environment in the 21st Century," California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, Ca., 4/24/00, 1:29.

Democracy University Volume 22: The 30th Annual Commemoration of the KENT STATE MASSACRE
:00 Candlelight March and Vigil
:30 Press Conference with injured survivors
1:01 Commemoration Event: students, performers, family & friends of the victims; Country Joe McDonald, Juliette Beck, Vernon Bellecourt, Julia Butterfly Hill, Ramona Africa, Mumia Abu-Jamal (taped), & Noam Chomsky.
5:04 Workshop with Noam Chomsky. All at Kent State U, Kent, Ohio, 5/3-4/00; 6:52.
"Fluoridation's Devastating Effects," with biochemist John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., 9/4/95, 1:12.

Democracy University Volume 23.1: The GREEN PARTY's 2000 CONVENTION, TAPE 1
:00 Press Conference
:12 Fri. Night: David Brower, Winona LaDuke, Anne Goeke, Alex Gonzales, Craig Palmer, Franc'se Duthu, Maital'l Gurung.
1:41 Trinity Church: T. Weis, D. Brower, W. Harrelson, M. Benjamin.
2:26 March to WTC and State Capitol Bldg: Jim Hightower, Jake Kreilick, Joe American Horse, John Anderson, Pete Maysmith, Rich McClintock, & Granny D (Doris Haddock).
3:29 Manning Marable
4:09 Platform
5:51 Skit; Song.
6:03 Ann Northrop, Euro Rep., Sidney Wolfe.
7:12 Nader/LaDuke Reception 6/23-24/00; 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 23.2: The GREEN PARTY's 2000 CONVENTION TAPE 2:
:04 R. Mirkarimi, A. Goeke, A. Garba, M. Mroz, 1st Strike
:29 Carol Miller, Dr. Helen Caldicott
1:15 Sunday Morning: Denver Greens.
1:25 Medea Benjamin, Pat LaMarche, Ron Forthofer, Eliz. Horton-Sheff
2:10 Paul Kelly, John Anderson
2:31 D. Torgerson, S. Amir, H. Brian, J. Jacobson, G. Dixon, M. Feinstein, Grn. Grp. Rep., A. de Jager, Granny D
3:53 Tony Mazzocchi, Joel Kovel, Jello Biafra, Stephen Gaskin, Jim Hightower
5:22 Roll-Call Vote; R.Dugger
6:12 NADER'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH 6/24-25/00; 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 24: Final Hearing of the INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY to Investigate US & NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia
:00 Flounders, Schuetz, Clark, Kuznetzov
:38 Crimes Against Peace: Foerstel, Israel, Hatton, Black, Moorehead, Collon; 6 more
2:10 War Crimes: La Riva, Sloan, E. Catalinotto, Yetsenko, 5 more
3:24 Crimes Against Humanity: Rifati, Raikovich, Chossudofsky, Taylor.
4:01 Preparation for War: Collon, Chomsky
5:10 More Evidence of US War Crimes: Lituchy, Elich, Troude; 6 more
6:42 Ramsey Clark NY, 6/10/00, 7:33.
Documentary: "JUDGEMENT", :32.

Democracy University Volume 25: 5 More Events with RALPH NADER
"Corporatization 101: How We Grow Up Corporate", a classroom lecture by Ralph Nader. CSULB, 9/13/00, 1:19.
Lunch with Ralph, CSULB, 11 minutes.
Ralph NADER: "The Corporatization of America", with Tongva Cultural Educator Cindi Alvitri. CSULB, 9/13/00, 1:49.
NADER at USC, with Medea Benjamin & Sara Amir. L.A., Ca., 9/13/00, 1:50.
Ralph NADER & Winona LADUKE: "The Politics of Joy & Justice", Portland Memorial Coliseum, 8/25/00, 3 hrs.

Democracy University Volume 26: CIA-DRUGS SYMPOSIUM II
CIA Drugs & the Corruption of American Society, with Peter Dale Scott, Michael Ruppert, Linda Ives, Jean Duffey, Mara Leveritt, Cele Castillo, Daniel Hopsicker, Dedon Kamathi, and Kris Millegan. Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles, Ca., 9/23/00, 7:43.
An excerpt from "Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection", a documentary about two boys who may have been murdered for witnessing a drug drop in Arkansas; cut shortened from 71 minutes; :40.

Democracy University Volume 27:
AMY GOODMAN: "From East Timor to the US", Cal Tech, Pasadena, 11/10/00, 1:51.
"To Protect & Serve": LAPD's attack upon the 10/22 Police Brutality Protest, & this reporter, with ACLU Press Conference, City Council & Police Commission testimony, & related. 10/22- 11/21/00, 2:27.
"Education or Incarceration?" with former LAPD policeman Gil Contreras, Professor David Werner, & Maralys Wills. Claremont, Ca., 10/14/00, 2:01.
ALBERTA LEE, daughter of scientist WEN HO LEE. Occidental College, 10/14/00, :55.
Oakland Mayor Jerry BROWN, San Diego, Ca., 10/17/00, :55.

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