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Save 50% on NEW BOOKS such as Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington by George Galloway (click here for complete list).

Authors include John Nichols, Helen Caldicott, Noam Chomsky, Robert McChesney, Michael and Christian Parenti, & Beth Shulman, with shipping for $2 a book and less. Offer expires February 28, 2006

A friend recently lent me a copy of Dick: the Man Who is President by John Nichols, who writes for The Nation. It is an expose about how Dick Cheney stole the Peace Dividend and has corrupted US foreign policy for more than a generation. I loved it, and decided to try and help get it out before the 2006 Congressional elections. I contacted the publisher (New Press) to see if I could get a discount. I was told that I could save 50% off the list price by buying 15 or more of their books at a time, or 55% by buying and prepaying for 250 or more of their books, in any combination, at a time.

Assuming we can get orders for 250 books and get the 55% discount, I figured that if we gave a 50% discount and charged a little for shipping, we would be able to cover our out-of-pocket costs with a little left. over for handling. It would give students and others without a lot to spend an economical way to acquire important books while they are still current, and to find out about Democracy University DVDs at the same time. It would also enable us to give something back to our supporters, and the authors who have permitted us to videotape them and use the videos in our DVD series, invariably without compensation.

I asked Jonah Goldstein at New Press which of their titles he felt would be of the most interest to progressives and he emailed me the list on the back. I have read most of Dick: The Man Who is President by John Nichols, and highly recommend it, but Jonah told me that it has just come out in paperback under the new name The Rise and Rise of Richard Cheney, which contains two new added chapters, so you may prefer the new (paperback) edition over the hardcover for that reason. Also, the same author has a new book with Robert McChesney called Tragedy and Farce: How the American Media Sell Wars, Spin Elections, and Destroy Democracy which I haven't read but which looks very interesting.

We hope you will help this project by printing out this order form and ordering some of the books listed, and by telling your friends about it. Please note the deadline of February 28, 2006. If we get enough response to sustain it, we will repeat it with other progressive publishers. If you do not want to order at this time but would like for us to contact you when we do it again (with other books), please email us to get on our announcement list if you aren't on it already (at Ralph@JusticeVision.org).

To find out how to get DVDs of progressive authors and major events for about 50 cents per hour, please continue to browse this site (justicevision.org).

Thank you for your support!

Best Wishes,
Ralph Cole

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