Announcements about videotapes and DVDs from JusticeVision, including the Democracy University and Democracy Digest series; Ralph Cole, editor. Videotapes are $5 each; DVDs are only $3. Order form at http://members.pdxweb.net/justicevision/ or by e-mail at orders@justicevision.org

Subscribing to our DVD series

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Having a subscriber base saves us a lot of time, allowing us to keep our DVDs available and affordable to all.

We plan to release twenty DVDs (each six hours long) per year in the Democracy Digest series, our core series of progressive political DVDs. Additional series are described below.

The minimum donation for a DVD (normally $3) is $2.50 for subscribers, so that the yearly subscription cost is the same for the videotape and DVD series, although the DVD series offers more hours of programming.

Let us know you'd like to subscribe, either through our order form or by e-mailing Ralph, and receive tapes automatically as soon as they become available. Please let us know which series you'd like to subscribe to by indicating "DD subscription" for the Democracy Digest Series, or the codes indicated for the additional DVD series listed below.

Just remit the minimum donation or more as your DVDs arrive, no prepayment required, and you can cancel at any time.



Other DVD subscription series ($2.50 per DVD for subscribers):

The Democracy University Conference (DVD) Series: (request "CS subscription")
Several times a year we videotape conferences which last several days and are generally outstanding but a bit lengthy to send as part of the regular DU series, although sometimes we have. We have decided instead to start offering these as a separate series. Some of the conferences we are preparing include the UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement 40th Anniversary Reunion, the Coalition on Political Assassinations Conferences held in Dallas, Memphis, and L.A., and the Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference. We anticipate that this series will have 15 to 20 DVDs a year.

The Democracy University Special Edition (DVD) Series: (request "SE subscription")
From time to time we do compilations of talks from a speaker or on an issue, but do not include them in the regular series because some of the included events are already in the series. Examples include our Michael Parenti, Edward Said, Michael Moore, and Jim Hightower compilations. Other times the radio stations will call and ask for us to recombine some of our events to use as premiums. These premiums are usually offered as thank you gifts for pledges of $50 or $75 or more. In order to avoid competing with the stations' important efforts to raise money, we do not want to promote these in competition with the stations, but would like to make them available to those outside the offering stations' signal area to those wishing to receive them as a series. We anticipate sending out about 10 a year to subscribers to this series.

9/11 DVDs: (request "9/11 Set")
We also have DVD sets of the New York, L.A., and San Francisco 9/11 Citizen Inquiries (20 hours total on 8 DVDs for $20) which you can order by requesting the 9/11 Set. If you request the 9/11 set we will send along any future 9/11 events that come our way unless you request otherwise.

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