Announcements about videotapes and DVDs from JusticeVision, including the Democracy University and Democracy Digest series; Ralph Cole, editor. Videotapes are $5 each; DVDs are only $3. Order form at http://members.pdxweb.net/justicevision/ or by e-mail at orders@justicevision.org

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We provide low-cost videotapes and DVDs of progressive political events. The minimum donation is $5 per tape (up to 8 hours long) and $3 per DVD (up to 6 hours long). Since we operate on a very thin margin to ensure the widest possible distribution, we depend on donations from people who can afford to pay more, and on subscribers who automatically receive tapes or DVDs as they come out. Please consider subscribing and telling your friends about our service.

If you have any questions, want to order in bulk, or know of an event we should cover, feel free to contact us.

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