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Democracy University Volume 19.1-8 (WTO Protest, Seattle 1999)

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Tapes are 8 hours long.

Democracy University Volume 19.1: 1st Fri., 11/26 & early Sat., 11/27
:00 Arrival in Seattle: Animal Rights Activists
:03 Visit to the Independent Media Center
:14 Fair Trade Campaign Office
:29 "Economic Globalization & the Role of the WTO," by the International Forum on Globalization, Friday night: Impacts of Globalization: Mander, Barlow, George, Khor, Durdowski, Cavanagh, Shiva, Wallach.
3:45 Labor & Globalization: Cavanagh, Shailor, Jakobsen, Quan, Sunmono.
4:59 Agriculture & Globalization: Ritchie, Lang, Mit'l., Bov., H'ku.
6:12 M. Waters
6:19 Globalization & the Environment: Shrybman, Tauli-Corpuz, Jurado, Goldman, Kocherry. 7:56 Frankenfoods: Rosset, Suzuki. 11/26,27; 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 19.2: Saturday, 11/27:
:00 Biotech, continued: Suzuki, Egziabher, Ho, Mooney.
1:24 Corporate Rule vs. Democracy: Clarke, Roddick, Wiwa, Danaher, Bertrand, Hayes.
3:02 Principles... Cav'ngh, Morris, Hines, Wallach; respondents.
5:04 Globalization & the Poor: Mittal, Shiva, Egziabher, Norberg-Hodge, Larrain, Bello, Raghavan, Tauli-Corpuz, Khor. 7:51.
Noam Chomsky on Globalization, Jubilee 2000 & the Doctrine of Odious Debt, & Effects of NAFTA, from "Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights" given in Cleveland, OH, 3/14/99, :16. (continues at end of Sunday & Thurs. tapes)

Democracy University Volume 19.3: Sunday, 11/28: "Building the People's Movement".
:00 Panel 1: "Where are We, and Where are We Headed?", with C. Collins, E. Gross, M. Ramos, & Ronnie Dugger.
1:11 Panel 2: "How do We Assist the Emerging Movement?" with Ron Judd, S. Shrybman, E. C. Quinn, & P. Cienfuegos.
2:14 "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization," with B. Coates, S. George, C. Pey, & D. Lewit.
4:26 Theater
4:36 "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization," continued: Tony Clarke, J. Brecker, and M. Khor. 6:13.
Jubilee 2000 Service, with Sojourner Jim Wallis. 1:39.
Noam Chomsky on Jubilee 2000, 3/14/99, :17.

Democracy University Volume 19.4: Monday, 11/29: "Environment & Health Day"
:00 "The Human Face of Trade: Health & the Environment" with Max. Waters.
2:45 Rally: "Make Trade Clean, Green & Fair!" P. Wellstone, V. Shiva.
3:35 Gvt. Props.
5:02 "Chopping Block: Forests Under WTO"
6:18 "A Human Chain to Break the Chains of Global Debt", at the Kingdome.
6:56 "People's Gala" at Key Arena, with Mike Dolan, Mayor Paul Schell, P. Wellstone, Jim Hightower, Anita Roddick, T. Hayden, Seize the Day, Jello Biafra, R. Judd, Ann Pedifore, CDers, Kevin Danaher, Michael Moore. 11/29/99, 8:09.

Democracy University Volume 19.5: Tuesday, 11/30: "Labor & Human Rts. Day"
:00 "The Big Rally & March for Fair Trade", with Sweet Honey in the Rock. Memorial Stadium.
3:03 "The (Big) Citizens March"
3:11 Police provocation; CD; rubber bullet; gas masks.
3:30 "The WTO vs. the Right to Food & Health," with Jamie Love, Health Action Network; Kim Wilson, Gene Watch.
4:59: Gassing Report
5:02 "The U.N. Declaration on the Right to Development"; tape damaged.
5:23 Nader PC;
5:46 "Debate on WTO, with Nader, V. Shiva, J. Cavanaugh, J. Bhagwati;
7:47 Nader Interview; Store damage. 11/30/99, 8:06.

Democracy University Volume 19.6: Wednesday 12/1: "Women, Democracy, Sovereignty, & Development Day"
:00 Prayer: Her Voice
:05 Morning Plenary: 3rd World Voices
2:04 Ladies don't Drum; Raging Grannies.
2:43 March and Silent Demo.
3:14 World Bank Boycott Teach-In, with Kevin Danaher.
4:30 1st Part of General Agreement on Trade & Services panel - sound probs.
4:47 "Celebrate the Resistance to WTO" with David Brower, Jim Hightower, Jim Page, Human Nature Theater Co. 12/1/99, 7:18.
David Korten at Alliance for Democracy, Hunt, Texas, 11/21/96, :39.

Democracy University Volume 19.7: Thursday, 12/2: "Food and Agriculture Day"
:00 Police Misconduct Reports
:27 International Farmers Press Breakfast
1:08 Plenary on Corporatization of Agriculture, Food Security, & Socially Just Agriculture, with M. Ritchie, V. Shiva, R. Nader.
2:58 Support Family Farms Rally, Pike Pl. Market: Jim Hightower, Al Krebs, R. Nader, Seize the Day, Corky Evans; March to Weyerhauser.
4:14 Jail Solidarity March and Demonstration
6:17 Residents' Protest; flag burnings. 12/2/99, 7:05
Mark Ritchie at Alliance for Democracy Convention, Boulder, 4/30/99, :52;
Chomsky: NAFTA, 3/14, :11.

Democracy University Volume 19.8: 2nd Fri., 12/3: "Corporate Accountability Day"
:00 Occupied Seattle
:03 Labor Temple: Preparations
:11 "Who Rules? Corporate Accountability" Q & A
1:02 March to Labor Temple
1:06 "Rally and March for a Democratic WTO & a Democratic Seattle."
2:07 "Democracy Spellout & Rally" at Labor Temple.
2:42 Alliance for Democracy Office
2:45 Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque event.
5:08 2nd Prisoner Solidarity Sit-In, outside jail. 12/3/99, 5:39.
Jane A. Morris & POCLAD, 11/21/96, :59;
Panel on Corporations with D. Korten, 5/1/99, 1:27.

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