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Democracy University Catalog; 1996-1999 (du1-18)

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Democracy University Volume 1:
OFFICE of the AMERICAS 14th Anniversary, honoring LORI BERENSON, withMaxine Waters, Ramsey Clark, Steve Allen, & Mark and Rhoda Berenson. 11/15/97,1:59.
Noam CHOMSKY: "Democracy & Markets in the Evolving World Order", NortheasternU., 12/5/97, 2:24.
Helen CALDICOTT: "Medical Implications of theConsumption Economy", UCLA Medical Center, 11/18/97, :53.
ALLIANCE for DEMOCRACY: Ronnie Dugger Interview; Jim Bush: Alliance Song; Native American protest singer Victor McManamy. Atchison, Kansas, 10/31/97, :50.

Democracy University Volume 2:
Dr. David KORTEN, author of "When Corporations Rule the World," at Alliance for Democracy Founding Convention, 11/21/96, :39.
Tony CLARKE, author of "Silent Coup", "Dismantling Corporate Rule", & "MAI", AfD's 2nd Convention, 10/30/97, 1:15.
Jane Ann Morris, Mike Ferner, & Peter Kellman of POCLAD (Program On Corporations, Law, & Democracy), 11/21/96, 1:12.
Howard ZINN, Molly IVINS, & Tom NEILSON, AfD's 1st. Convention, 11/22/96, 1:17.
"Rethinking Corporations, Rethinking Democracy," Richard Grossman & Ward Morehouse, L.A., Ca., 1/30/96, 1:44.

Democracy University Volume 3:
Valentine's Day with HOWARD ZINN & STUDS TERKEL; introduced by Alice Walker. Berkeley, Ca., 2/14/98, 1:48.
GREEN GATHERING '96 HIGHLIGHTS: "NADER '96!": Excerpts from Nader's Acceptance Speech, 8/19/96, :26.
Winona LaDuke (via videotape), Keiko Bonk, Ronnie Dugger, Sherry Meddick, & Dan Hamburg. 8/19/96, :41.
RALPH NADER'S Acceptance Speech for the Green Party Presidential Nomination, 8/19/96, 2:20.
Steve Hill, Ronnie Dugger, & Muriel Tillinghast on Coalition Building. 8/18/96, :52.

Democracy University Volume 4:
GORE VIDAL in conversation with CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, Berkeley, Ca., 3/11/98, 1:28.
"MAI: A Bill of Rights for Corporations?" with Lori Wallach, Dan Seligman, & Antonia Juhasz. SF, Ca., 2/24/98, 1:43.
SABINA VIRGO, political analyst & co-chair of the Crack the CIA Coalition: "The Wizard & the Birdcage: How Racism, Violence, Class & Gender Interact with each other." Music by Linda D. Fisher. LA; 3/7/98, 1:15.
DR. PETER DUESBERG, author: "Inventing the AIDS Virus: Non-Contagious Causes of Aids". Costa Mesa, Ca., 8/18/95, 1:42.

Democracy University Volume 5:
SAVE IRAQ'S CHILDREN: A Rally to End the US/UN Embargo Against Iraq, with Ramsey Clark, Kathy Kelly, Gloria La Riva, Michel Shehadeh, & Reverend Jim Lawson. L.A., Ca., 3/7/98, 2:07.
M. L. KING Interfaith Celebration Excerpt, with Jesse Jackson, Blenda Wilson, & Steve Allen. Beth Hillel, Burbank, Ca., 1/19/98, 1:05.
WARD Valley Walking Tour, 4/25/97, :51.
"An INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL Court: The Challenge of Enforcing Human Rights Law," with Ambassador for War Crimes David Scheffer, Happy Mutesi, Richard Dicker, Elizabeth Farr, & Edwin M. Smith. LA, 2/26/98, 2:03.

Democracy University Volume 6:
3 Events with Political and Social Critic Dr. NOAM CHOMSKY: "Market Democracy: Doctrines and Reality", Winona State University, Winona, Minn., 4/19/98, 2:37;
"Whose World Order: Conflicting Visions", a fundraiser for the High School Workers' Initiative of the Workers' Project, at Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 4/21/98, 2:15;
"Crackers with Noam": Chomsky in conversation with labor union members and others, at the Northeast Indiana Central Labor Council, Ft. Wayne, In., 4/21/98, 1:16.

Democracy University Volume 7:
Dr. NOAM CHOMSKY: "New Horizons in the Study of Language", Winona State U., Winona, Minn., 4/20/98, 2:01.
"The Struggle for Self-Determination in East Timor", w/Jose Ramos-Horta of the CNRM, and Filmmaker Max Stahl. At the Wilshire United Methodist Ch., Los Angeles,CA, 4/30/96, 2:12.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Prospects for the Third World at Home and Abroad", given at Hampshire College, at the conference "Border Crossings: The Commitments of a Political Intellectual," celebrating the Life & Work of Eqbal Ahmad. Amherst, MA, 10/3/97, :55.

Democracy University Volume 8:
"The CIA, Contras, Crack, & the Justice Department's Report," with Gary Webb, at Libros Revolucion, L.A., CA, 7/25/98, 2:11.
"DARK ALLIANCE: Crack Cocaine, the C.I.A., Contras, & the Censors," with Pulitzer Prize Winner Gary Webb, Dennis Bernstein, and Martha Honey. Berkeley, CA, 6/13/98, 1:57.
"The Corporate Threat to Democracy: Censorship in the Newsroom," with Ben Bagdikian, Randy Baker, Dennis Bernstein, Beth Sanders, & Van Jones. Berkeley, CA,6/25/98,1:30.
MICHAEL PARENTI at the Independent Proggressive Politics Summit. Oakland, Ca., 6/12/98, :29.

Democracy University Volume 9:
Two Events with NOAM CHOMSKY at the UNIVERSITY of CALGARY, Calgary, Canada:
"Whose World Order: Conflicting Visions," 9/22/98, 1:43;
Chomsky Press Conference, 9/23/98, :44.
JENNIFER HARBURY: "The Search for Justice for Guatemala," with Dennis Bernstein & Edgar Ayala. SF, 8/24/98, 1:18.
The US Army's "School of the 'Assassins,'" with Blase Bonpane, Mariah Darlington, & (via video) former SOTA instructor Major Joseph Blair. 5/2/98, 1:35.
"Drug Crazy: US War on Drugs," Mike Gray, L.A., CA, 8/13/98, :49.

Democracy University Volume 10.1: (Part 1 of 3)
LABOR PARTY 1st Constitutional Convention, TAPE 1:
:00 Opening with Pittsburgh's SolidarityChorus
:13 Bob Clark
:25 UAW President GeorgeBecker
:58 CAW Pres. Buzz Hargrove
1:30 Just Health Care march and rally, with Chris Townsend, Dr. Sidney Wolf, Kit Costello, KathleenConners
2:19 Resolution on Workers Rights Campaign with Joe Uhlein and UMW President Cecil Roberts
3:04 Resolution on Electoral Politics: presentation, amendments, and floor discussions
5:07 Corporate Twilight Zone
5:41 Afscme VP Henry Nicholas
5:59 Karen Silkwood Award 11/13-14/98

Democracy University Volume 10.2: (Part 2 of 3)
LABOR PARTY 1st Constitutional Convention, TAPE 2:
:00 Solidarity Hour: Testimony of Striking & Locked Out Workers, with Sylvester Rodriguez, Baldemar Velasquez, Allen Gallegos, Ron Baker, Lou Ashby, Bobby Phillips, Bill Lee, Robert Erminger, & Tom Christ
1:12 MICHAEL MOORE (inside)
2:23 What's Left in Political Cartooning Exhibit with Gary Huck
3:06 Ralph NADER
3:55 Baldemar Velasquez, president, Farm Labor Org. Committee
4:01 Science & Technology Cmte. Meeting: "Impacts of Corp. Controlled Biotechnology..." (11/13/98, 2:06), Pittsburgh, Pa., 11/14-15/98,

Democracy University Volume 10.3: (Part 3 of 3)
LABOR PARTY 1st Constitutional Convention, TAPE 3:
:00 Rules
:23 Credentials
:28 Introductions
:34 Resolution on Labor Party Style of Work
1:04 Resolution on Changing the Party Structure
2:04 Discussion of Resolution on A Call forMore Labor Party Campaigns
2:26 Pledges
2:32 Resolutions on Single Payer Healthcare, Social Security, and Fair Trade
3:46 Constitution Cmte. Report
4:33 Resolution Cmte. Report
5:25 Credentials Report
Postal Privatization documentary, :17
Tony Mazzocchi with Mildred Gordon, MP, in L.A., 5/98, 2:00
MichaelMoore outside convention, :23.

Democracy University Volume 11.1: (Part 1 of 3)
:00 "Voices for Freedom: Former & Current Prisoners Speak Out," with R.Africa, Chrystos, D. Gaither, Piri Thomas, M. Keck, "B.B." Smith, A. Mercurio, D. Wilmott.
1:48 "Political Economy of the Prison-Industrial Complex," excerpt, with DT Goldberg, E. Goldberg, R. Vineski.
2:33 "What is the PIC? What are the Goals of Critical Resistance?", w/Angela Davis, Luis Talamantez, Mike Davis, Eric Tang, J. Lopez.
4:37 "New Vocabularies of Resistance: Building a Language for Real Justice" with Eric Mann, Kimberle Crenshaw, & Avery Gordon.
Berkeley, 9/25-26/98

Democracy University Volume 11.2: (Part 2 of 3)
:00"Resisting the Growing Criminization and Stigmitization of Sex Workers,"with Petra Ostergren, Carol Leigh, Tallulah Bankhelst, Vtria. Schneider.
1:12 "Histories of Prison Activism: Past, Present, & Future," Chrlene Mitchell, Ell Rosenblatt, D. Matlan, C.Najera.
2:47 "Welfare as Warfare: Progressive & Regressive Traditions in Welfare Policy," with Sabina Virgo, Tony Platt, Malika Saada-Saar, & Erica Etelson.
4:14 Native Women In. and the PIC," with Luana Ross, IvyChaske, Cheryl Porter, & Darcie Houck.
5:39 "Alliance Building II, pt. 1,"

Democracy University Volume 11.3: (Part 3 of 3)
:00 "Alliance Building II, pt. 2," with Angela Davis, Eliz. Martinez, Abdul Shakur, J. Brown Childs.
:50 Research & Activism TF, with Angela Davis.
1:17 Media/Culture Rep'tn TF.
1:36 "Prisons: the NewSlavery II," with Reese Erlich. Stacy Kono, JulieBrowne, and Robert Meengs.
2:52 "Day One of the Campaign," with Angela Davis, Geronimo Pratt, Ellen Barry, Bernadine Dohrn, Bobby Castillo, Rafael Miranda, Lateefah Simon, & Julia Sudbury. 9/27/98
Welcome Home GERONIMO!: Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt's L.A. Homecoming, 7/26/97, 1:25.

Democracy University Volume 12:
WINONA LA DUKE: "Deconstructing the American Paradigm: Indigenous Vision for the Millenium" with Michael Leon-Guerrero. UC Berkeley, 12/4/98, 2:13.
MICHAEL PARENTI: "A Republic Against Caesar: Class Power & Conspiracy in Ancient Rome," Berkeley, Ca., 10/3/98, 1:28.
ART KUNKIN: "The History (& Rebirth) of the L.A. Free Press, & Nixon's Plan to Cancel the 1972 Election," 12/11/98, 1:40
"The Next Fight to SAVE HEADWATERS FOREST: Politics vs. Science," part 1, with David Brower & Joan Dunning. Berkeley, Ca., 10/4/98, :46.

Democracy University Volume 13:
NOAM CHOMSKY: "CRISIS IN IRAQ: Understanding US Motives Behind Sanctions and Confrontation," by the Boston Mob. for Surv. & the Cmpgn. for the Iraqi People, at the Meeting House of the 1st Parish Unitarian Church, Harvard Square, Boston, Ma. 1/30/99, 2:30.
RALPH NADER (49 mins.) and MICHAEL MOORE (50 mins.) on Issues of Democracy, at the Labor Party's 1st Constitutional Convention, Pittsburgh, Pa., 11/14 & 11/15/98, 1:39.
HOWARD ZINN: "The Uses of History," with Annette Rubinstein & Marv Gettleman, at Brecht Forum, NYC, 1/14/99, 1:57.

Democracy University Volume 14:
STOLEN LIVES INDUCTION CEREMONY, honoring Tyisha Miller, Hector Islas, Danny Ray Smith, Marc Fitzsimmons, Irvin Landrum, James Martinez, Angry Bear Nieto, Amadou Diallo, and Derek Hayward, w/Reverend Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory, Rodney King, members of the Tyisha Miller Steering Cmte., & the Oct. 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality. Riverside, Ca., 4/18/99, 2:57.
May 10th Protest in Response to the Riverside DA's announcement that the killers of Tyisha Miller would not be prosecuted. Riverside, Ca. Civic Center, 5/10/99, 2:00.
Police Brutality Documentary, 10/22/97, :30.

Democracy University Volume 15:
MICHAEL PARENTI: "U.S. Empire & the War Against Yugoslavia," CSU Fullerton, 5/5/99, 1:41.
Howard ZINN: "A New Perspective on U.S. History," given in the context of NATO's involvement in Yugoslavia. Sonoma State University, 5/6/99, 1:39.
"NATO & KOSOVO: What the Media Isn't Saying" with Belgian journalist Michel Collon, Sara Flounders, Lenora Foerstel. 2/21/99, 1:56.
NOAM CHOMSKY: An Interview by Yuhani Yli-Vakkuri on Yugoslavia and on Globalization. Taped at MIT by Martin Voelker. 4/6/99, :50.

Democracy University Volume 16.1:
1st Hearing of of the INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY to Investigate US/NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia, TAPE 1:
:00 Opening Plenary: "The Case for an Independent War Crimes Tribunal"
1:28 Closing Plenary: "The Indictment of William Clinton and Others for War Crimes"
3:59 "War, Lies &Videotape: The Role of the Media"
5:37 "War Crimes: Targeting of Civilians & Environmental Destruction"
(concludes on tape 2).
Sponsored by the International Action Center at the Fashion Institute ofTechnology, New York City, 7/31/99, 6:07.

Democracy University Volume 17:
Noam CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty & World Order: the Lessons of Yugoslavia and E. Timor", KSU, Manhattan, KS, 9/20/99, 1:46.
AMY GOODMAN: "Clinton's Other Love Affair: Foreign Policy & Human Rights in Nigeria & East Timor." UCLA, 11/11/98, 1:15.
RICHARD GROSSMAN: "The Corporate Insurgency Against Democracy", San Francisco, CA, 10/10/98, :59.
CRISIS at PACIFICA RADIO: L.A. Teach-In, with L. Bensky, D. Bernstein, Rafael Renteria, R. Tuckman, & P. Franck; KPFK Demo; Firing of Ruben Tapia; KPFA Lock-Out. 7/24/99 thru 8/28/99, 4:08.

Democracy University Volume 18:
Allan NAIRN: "The Siege of Dili, E.Timor", USC, L.A., Ca., 10/21/99, 2:04.
Saul LANDAU: "The Struggle for Human Rights", Santa Monica, Ca. 10/2/99,1:06.
Dolores HUERTA at the UCLA Labor Teach-In, 10/8/99, :18.
UCLA's"Teach-In on Globalization", with Kevin Danaher, Dr. Maulana Karenga, & Charlie La Chance. 10/19/99, 1:38.
"GOOD JOBS & the GLOBAL ECONOMY", with Dick Gephardt, Rd. Trumka, Linda Chavez- Thompson, Ken Georgetti, Juan Somavia, and Craig Kielburger, attending AFL-CIO Convention, L.A., Ca., 10/11/99, 3 hrs.

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