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Democracy University Catalog; 2003 (du51-56)

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Democracy University Volume 51: "Planet Patriotism 101"
Congressman DENNIS KUCINICH: "A Vision for America," Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, Ca., 4/5/03, 2:10.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "War on Iraq"; at Agape Center, Culver City, Ca., 4/6/03; 1:01.
Physicist VANDANA SHIVA: "Artificial Scarcity", Mission Viejo, Ca., 4/2/03, 1:19.
Greg PALAST: "Florida-Gate and Beyond", North Hollywood, Ca.; 2/23/3, 1:18.
Scott RITTER, former UN Chief Weapons Inspector: "The True Promise of America," Current Affairs Books, San Diego, Ca., 1/20/03; :58.
Howard ZINN: "War Victims"; University of San Diego, 4/3/03, 1:38.

Democracy University Volume 52:
Constitutional Law Scholar ERWIN CHEMERINSKY: "Can Civil Liberties Survive the War on Terrorism?" All Saints Church, Pasadena, Ca., 7/28/03, 1:26.
"Report Back from the War in Iraq", with Jerry Quickly & Amy Goodman. L.A. 1st Baptist Church, 7/19/03, 1:45.
L.A. Times Columnist ROBERT SCHEER: "Why Guns and Butter Don't Mix", Pasadena City College, 6/22/03, 1:51.
Jim HIGHTOWER: "Kleptocrat Confederacy". Santa Barbara, Ca., 9/16/03; 1:17.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Does the US Intend to Dominate the Whole World?" UDC, Washington, DC, 6/1/03, 2:05.

Democracy University Volume 53:
Social Philosopher CORNEL WEST: "Restoring Hope". Pasadena City College, 12/5/03, 2:13.
Michael PARENTI: "Democracy vs. World Domination", at UNITE Union Hall, L.A., Ca., 10/13/03. 1:23.
Sonali KOLHATKAR: "Report Back from the Madison 'Media Reform Project' Conference". Northridge, Ca., 11/29/03; 1:18.
Edward SAID: "Memory, Inequality, & Power: Palestine & the Universality of Human Rights". Royce Hall, UC Los Angeles, 2/20/03, 1:35.
A Memorial Service for Edward SAID at UCLA's Shoenberg Hall, 11/15/03, 1:54.

Democracy University Volume 54:
Former Congresswoman CYNTHIA McKINNEY's Keynote at the Redwood Sequoia Conference: "Confronting Empire", with Erika Luckett, Peter Camejo, Mike Ruppert, & Gus Newport. King MS, Berkeley, 10/25/03, 2:40.
Darryl Cherney: "FBI Frame-Up: The Judi Bari / Darryl Cherney Bombing Case". Sepulveda UU, North Hills, Ca., 10/14/03, 1:51.
Sirhan Sirhan's lawyer LARRY TEETER: "RFK Assassination Update", North Hills, Ca., 12/9/03, 1:51.
"People's History Night" with Howard ZINN, sponsored by the Southern California Library for Social Research; at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, L.A., 11/2/03, 2:01.

Democracy University Volume 55:
ELECTRONIC VOTING: 6 Segments, with Amy Goodman, Lynn Landes, Bev Harris, & Rush Holt. 8/03-10/03, 1:36.
Dennis Kucinich & Howard Dean at the FL Democratic Convention, 12/6/03, 1:13.
TARIQ ALI, author of "Bush in Babylon: the Recolonisation of Iraq". Culver City, 11/15/03, 2:03.
Kathy KELLY: "Life & War in Iraq", at the Onion, 12/14/03, 1:21.
JEFF GATES: "On Rescuing Main Street from Wall Street", at Art Affair, Laguna Beach, Ca., 7/6/03, 1:05.
Medea BENJAMIN: "Report Back from Cancun & Florida", North Hills, Ca., 9/21/03, 1:05.

Democracy University Volume 56:
PoCLaD's MOLLY MORGAN: "Corporate Personhood". North Hills, Ca. UU Ch., 5/18/03, 1:42.
RAHUL MAHAJAN: "Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq & Beyond". Cal Tech, Pasadena, 11/3/03, 1:52.
JOYCE RILEY: "Gulf War Syndrome: US Biological Warfare on Members of the US Military". 11/17/03, 1:41.
DAN FAHEY: "Depleted Uranium". Pacific UU Ch., Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca., 10/17/03, 1:34.
"FREEDOM SUMMER: A Celebration of the Courage of Rachel Corrie & the Victims of Israeli Occupation". Garden Grove, Ca., 5/17/03, 1:46.

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