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Democracy University Volume 28.1-7 (Los Angeles Democratic Intervention, 2000)

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Democracy University Volume 28.1:
:00 People's Convention Planning Meeting, 6/00;
1:19 Press Conference for Mumia, 8/8, with Casey Kasem
1:43 Anarchist Press Conference, 8/8
2:21 Convergence Center Tour
3:16 Homeless Convention Press Conference, 8/9
4:06 DAN/D2kLA demands
4:38 Artist's Press Conference
5:24 Welcome People to the People's Convention, with Ross Altman, Joe Maizlish, Aquilene Soriano, Rd. Becker, Bob McClosk, Linda Tubach, Don White, Maria Guardado, Gene Ruyle
7:48 PCLA 8/10: Schools & Pollution: S. Timmons 6/1 to 8/10/00, 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 28.2:
:00 Save Ballona: Kathy Knight, Patricia. Urban Pipelines: Michelle Gromet & Larry Teeter.
1:36 Presidential Candidates: Monica Moorehead, Joel Kovol, Jeffrey Peters, Art Olivier, & David Mac Reynolds
2:59 8/11: D2k Legal Team at LA City Council
3:48 Chicano Caucus at the Convrgence Center
4:02 PCLA Sci-Tech workshop
5:14 Panel on Racism with Delores Huerta.
6:30 Music; Perspectives on Voting. 8/10 & 8/11/00, 8:08.

Democracy University Volume 28.3:
:00 Voting, conclusion
0:28 Sat. 8/12: Globalization & Women Panel with L. Hankey
1:31 African-American Reparations & Black Farmers
2:43 Treatment of Gays/Trans (Mike Varady)
3:05 Improving Schools with Marsha Feinland
4:10 Capitalist Politics with Tom Condit
5:02 Prison Labor, the Drug War, Police Brutality, & Leonard Peltier, with J. Jordan, Mike Ruppert, J. Johnson, T. Sociya, J. Day
6:14 R. Altman
7:12 Crack and the CIA panel 8/11 & 8/12/00, 8:09.

Democracy University Volume 28.4:
:00 Crack & the CIA, continued, with Dedon Kamathi, Mike Ruppert, Bill Siich, Cele Castillo, Donna Warren.
1:29 Resolutions
3:02 Entertainment: Denise Robb & Sheri Glaser
3:39 8/13: Rally to Free Mumia, with Medea Benjamin, Ed Asner, Len Weinglass, Delores Huerta, Joe Veale, Gloria LaRiva, and Pam Africa
5:52 Police
5:57 Protest pit rally for Mumia, with Jesse Jackson, L. Holmes, M. Zinzun; music
6:59 8/15 Press Conference
7:43 Homeless Convention and Press Conference 8/12 to 8/15/00, 8:10.

Democracy University Volume 28.5:
:00 Homeless Convention Press Conference, continued, with Ted Hayes; Dome Village
1:12 Convergence Center: Arrestee report
1:18 Patton Boggs Democratic fundraiser: Kevin Danaher, Juliet Beck
3:52 8/17: Tour of JusticeVision; walk to Staples;
4:03 Protest Pit: Jesus as JFK; on to Pershing
4:13 Interviews with arrestees, media, & others
5:09 Korea veterans
5:21 Detainee
5:37 Vieques Protest, Rally, and March, with Rd. Becker & and David Rasmussen; arrival of March at the Protest Pit. 8/15 to 8/17, 8:11.

Democracy University Volume 28.6:
:00 Protest Pit, continued
:14 Black Block: songs, chants, free speech; CNN videographer; flag burning
:36 Ted Hayes meets with Block
:47 New Kid in the Block (me!); Anarchist Jail
1:14 Cops and cockroaches
1:17 IMC Center Press Conference
1:52 Democracy Now! town hall with Amy, Jello, Medea, Spearhead, T. Hayden.
3:55 Juliet Beck reports back
4:15 Convergence Center: Rainbow Family
4:25 8/18: IAC: Week Review with Rd. Becker
6:57 8/19: Twin Towers prisoner solidarity. 8/17 to 8/19/00, 7:55.

Democracy University Volume 28.7:
"Crashing the Party", a documentary by the L.A. Indy Media Center on the 2000 Democratic Party Intervention in L.A., Ca.; 1:25.
OFFICE of the Americas 17th Anniversary Celebration, with Kris Kristofferson, Jim Hightower, & many more, honoring Madeline Janis Aparicio & Haskell Wexler. L.A., 11/11/00, 2:22.
MATT GROENING, creator of "The Simpsons", with clips, and appearances by Harry Shearer & 3 others. UCLA, 11/30/00, 1:54.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "The World vs. the Banks: Globalization, Democracy, & Human Rights," video by Roger Leisner. 9/26/00, 2:26.

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