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Democracy University Catalog; 2001-2002 (du38-47)

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Democracy University Volume 38: The "Why" Tape
NOAM CHOMSKY: "The New War on Terrorism." MIT Technology & Culture Forum, Boston, 10/18/01, 2:09.
MICHAEL PARENTI: "Globalization & Terrorism," Modesto JC, 9/20/01, 1:08.
Howard ZINN: "The Artist's Role in Effecting Social Change," Mass. College of Art, Boston, 10/10/01, 1:47.
Ralph NADER: "People Have the Power," with Medea Benjamin and others. Masonic Center, San Francisco, 10/11/01, 2:32.
"Mumia Live, Mumia Free" excerpts, with Mumia's attorney Elliot Grossman and others. 33 1/3 Gallery, L.A., CA. 9/28/01, :48.

Democracy University Volume 39:
Dr. CORNEL WEST: "Progressive Politics In These Times: From Vision to Action," the 2001 Mario Savio Memorial Lecture, UC Berkeley, 11/15/01, 1:43.
Howard ZINN at Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, 11/14/01, 1:36.
"A Celebration in Memory of KEN KESEY, Visionary Artist and Literary Radical," at San Francisco Public Library, 12/5/01; 1:49.
A Free Mumia/Free Pacifica Evening of Solidarity, with Amy Goodman, Danny Glover, more. Mission HS, SF, 12/15/01, 2:34.
Interfaith Event honoring Congresswoman Barbara LEE, Culver City, Ca., 12/20/01, :40.

Democracy University Volume 40:
"Our Democracy After 9/11" with Stephen Rohde, Robert Reich, John Burton, Diane Watson, Ed Begley, Dennis Kucinich, Arianna Huffington, Jim Hightower, Tom Hayden, Hilda Solis, Ted Williams, Maxine Waters, and Antonio Villaraigosa. University of Southern California, 2/17/02, 3:26.
"A Community Forum on the War on Terrorism": Elke Heitmeyer, M. Ibrahim, Y. Khen; J. Lafferty, Ann Fagan Ginger, E. Chemerinsky; Don White, M. Prescod, Rev. James Lawson; T. Bonpane, M. Parenti, S. Kolhatkar; Danielle Babineau, and Preston Wood. Fairfax HS, L.A, Ca., 2/2/02, 4:55.

Democracy University Volume 41:
Professor EDWARD SAID: "Power, Politics, & Culture: The US & the Middle East", The Delp-Wilkinson Peace Lecture, Chapman U., Orange, Ca., 2/28/02; 1:33.
MIKE MOORE at Cal State LA: "Bin Bush et al", 3/7/02, 1:24.
MICHAEL PARENTI: "Terrorism & Globalism", Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, Ca., 1/31/02, 1:19.
Medea BENJAMIN & others: "The War in Afghanistan". At UCI, Irvine, Ca., 2/28/02, 1:39.
"A Meeting on PALESTINE", with RAMSEY CLARK, M. Shehadeh, & a doc on the Intifada. IAC, L.A., Ca., 3/2/02, 2:29.

Democracy University Volume 42:
Michael Moore: "Stupid White Men", Immanuel Presbyterian Church, L.A., Ca., 3/7/2, 2:18.
Kevin Danaher: "A Different Kind of Globalization." Sponsored by Contra Costa Greens. Vet's Hall, Lafayette, Ca., 2/22/02, 1:38.
Howard ZINN: "Where Are We Heading? US Foreign Policy, Terrorism, and Global Security"; Boston, Ma., 2/6/02, 1:47.
Michael PARENTI: "Globalization, Democracy, & Terrorism", UCI, Irvine, Ca., 1/31/02, 1:31.
Noam CHOMSKY:"Pathways to Peace & Security", AFSC Conf., Tufts U., Medford, Ma., 2/10/02, 1:06.

Democracy University Volume 43:
Adam SHAPIRO: "The Siege of Ramallah", Luna Sol Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, 5/5/02; 1:09.
NOAM CHOMSKY's Stanford Lecture: "Peering into the Abyss of the Future". Palo Alto, CA, 3/22/02; 2:16.
David KORTEN: "On Making Religion Earth-Friendly", at All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, CA, 4/14/02; 1:29.
TED GLICK, founder of the IPPN (Independent Progressive Politics Network): "The New Peace and Justice Movement," Los Angeles, CA, 4/28/02; 1:46.
Howard ZINN: "America Today, America Past," at the Newport Beach CA public library, 4/19/02, 1:41.

Democracy University Volume 44:
Greg PALAST: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," World Beat Center, San Diego, Ca., 3/20/02; 1:22.
Adam SHAPIRO: "Siege of Ramallah, part 2," UCLA, L.A., Ca., 5/7/02; 1:46.
Ralph NADER: "Only You Can Prevent Another Enron", L.A., Ca., 4/28/02; 1:16.
Michael PARENTI: "Terrorism, Imperialism, & Conspiracy", Berkeley, Ca., 4/25/02; 1:39.
Medea BENJAMIN: "Report Back from Afghanistan", Northridge, Ca., 2/9/02; :51.
Helen CALDICOTT: "Free Speech in Dangerous Times", University Synagogue, L.A. Ca., 1/29/02; 1:29.

Democracy University Volume 45:
"Unanswered Questions from 9/11," with John Judge, Mike Ruppert, and many more. At the National Press Club, Washington DC, 6/10/02; 2:46.
KPFK presents Greg PALAST: "Florida-Gate"; North Hollywood, Ca., 6/12/02, 1:44.
Ralph NADER: "Corporate Accountability". 1st Cong. Church, Berkeley, Ca., 7/12/02, 1:36
Father's Day with Alberta Lee, daughter of Wen Ho Lee. Northridge, Ca., 6/16/02, :39.
Award-Winning British Journalist & Mid-East Correspondent ROBERT FISK at 1st Cong. Church, Berkeley, Ca., 6/20/02, 1:39.

Democracy University Volume 46:
"The Crash of Civil Liberties since 9/11 . . . the coming of a police state?" with Atty. Lynne Stewart (facing 40 years), Nancy Hormachea, M. Vanderhaut, Bob Bloom, J. Mackler, B. Lubin. Berkeley, Ca., 7/11/02; 2:26.
"Courage to Refuse", an evening with Ram Rahat & Ushai Sagi, refusenik Israeli soldiers. Temple Emannuel, Beverly Hills, Ca., 5/20/02, 1:59.
"The Positive Futures Gathering: What is the Foundation for a Sustainable World?", with David Korten, Walter Wink, Jehu Hanciles, Daisy Machado, & Joe Brooks. All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, Ca., 4/12-13/02, 3:58.

Democracy University Volume 47:
"Paul Wellstone Remembered", with Tom Hayden, Warren Beatty, N. Lear, M. Waters. University Synagogue, L.A., CA, 11/3/2; 2:57.
"Assessing the Case for War with Iraq", with UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter & Stephen Walt. At MIT Technology & Culture Forum, 9/26/02; 1:42.
"The Movement for Peace in the Middle East," with Rd. Becker of ANSWER. UUOC, Santa Ana, Ca., 9/8/02, :57.
"Peace Conference on the Immoral & Illegal U.S. War Against Iraq," with Ramsey Clark, Medea Benjamin, Rb. H. Beliak, Rv. G. Regas, Fr. F. Just, & Ban Al-Wardi. Sponsored by ICUJP. At LMU, L.A., Ca., 10/13/02, 2:50.

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