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Democracy University Catalog; 2000-2001 (du29-37)

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Democracy University Volume 29:
The Los Angeles COUNTER-INAUGURATION, with Ed Asner, Tom Hayden, Ed Begley, Maxine Waters, Miguel Contreras, Sheila Kuehl, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Jackie Goldberg, Sabina Virgo, CARAL, Gloria Allred, Sara Messenger, more. 1/20/01, 3:25.
VOTESCAM: An interview with James Collier (He died in '97). 1996, 1 hour.
A Peace & Solidarity Reunion with S. BRIAN WILLSON, with P. Wood, M. Miller, L. Tubach, Rev. P. Sawyer, Pat Todd, J. Parker, Y. Alaniz, R. Altman, Mike Ruppert, K. Nkrumah, A. Sanchez, H. Y. Lee, & Rev. Jim Lawson. L.A., 12/9/00, 3:38.

Democracy University Volume 30:
A Symposium on RACIAL PROFILING, with Kadiatou Diallo, mother of Amadou Diallo; also Milton C. Grimes, Jody Armour, Joe Smith, John Zipny, Paul Parker, and Steve Cooper. Western State University, Fullerton, CA. 2/28/01, 2:00.
RHODA BERENSON, mother of Lori Berenson, imprisoned in Peru. At the Museum of Tolerance, L.A., CA. 3/1/01, 1:03.
"Human Rights Violations in Iran, Reaction of the World, & International Avenues to Seek Justice," in 3 parts. Includes the documentary "Terror & Torture" & testimony of survivors. Occidental College, 5/20/00, 5:05.

Democracy University Volume 31:
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty, Democracy, and Other Endangered Species, Part One"; introduction by Edward Said. Columbia University, New York, NY, 11/13/00, 1:48.
CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty, Democracy, & Other Endangered Species, Part 2"; introduction by Nakiel Bilgrami. 11/14/00, 1:42.
CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty, Democracy, & Other Endangered Species, Part 3"; introduction by Philip Kitcher. 11/16/00, 1:42.
CHOMSKY: "The Middle East Crisis at the End of the 20th Century: What Can We Do?" MIT, Boston, 12/14/00. 2:36.

Democracy University Volume 32:
"AIR WARS: Independent Voices Under Fire", with Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, Bernard White, & many more. L.A. 1st Baptist Church, 3/23/01, 3:29.
Amy Goodman: "Independent Media & Dissent: from the U.S. to Indonesia and East Timor," Berkeley, 4/27/01, 2:19.
"An Evening with WINONA LADUKE," Berkeley, CA., 3/15/01, 1:40.
Law Professor ERWIN CHEMERINSKY, L.A. Ca., 5/12/01, :19.
Human Rights Activist DENNIS BRUTUS. IPPN, Madison, WI, 6/4/00, :14.
Cole vs. Huizar, 4/1/01, 6 mins.

Democracy University Volume 33: A PENTAGON PAPERS SYMPOSIUM on the 30th Anniversary of Their Release:
Morning: Ellsberg's keynote;
Panel: The Confrontation betwn Press & Government: Gaffney, Goodale, Ungar, H. Smith, Oberdorfer, Rudenstine, Glendon.
Lunch: Former Senator Mike Gravel.
Afternoon: The Pentagon Papers Study Inside the Defense Department: Prados, Halperin, Schandler, Margolis;
The Historical Significance of the Papers: Crandell, Prados, Raskin, Powers, Russo, Ellsberg;
Closing. National Press Club, Washington, DC, 6/5/01, 7:24.
ELLSBERG: "Lessons of Vietnam." Hampshire College, 10/4/97, :39.

Democracy University Volume 34.1: "BEYOND BIODEVASTATION: The 5th Grassroots Gathering to Celebrate Biodiversity and Question Genetic Engineering" (TAPE 1 of 2)
:00 Farm Issues & Genetic Engineering: Wenzel, Kinsman, Christison, Quaday, Schmeiser.
1:57 Prince Mishkin Band
2:05 Welcome: Brian Tokar & Beth Burrows
2:31 Science & Genetic Engineering: B. Tokar, Dr. R. Steinbrecher, Dr. M. Crouch.
3:57 Patents, Biopiracy, & Globalization: Vandana Shiva, A. Kimbrell, V. Tauli-Corpuz, A. Barreda, Chaia Heller, Burrows.
5:23 Saturday: P. Millet, P. Rosset, M. Offerman, Food Issues, Wilson & Akre.
7:44 Human Genetic Engineering. San Diego, Ca., 6/22 to 6/23/01, 8:11.

Democracy University Volume 34.2: "BEYOND BIODEVASTATION" (TAPE 2 of 2)
:00 Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Vandana Shiva, Peg Millet
:48 Worldwide Genetic Engineering Response: Spitzer, Thomas, Anderson, Tilly, Kallman, Pimiento, Sharratt, Petermann, Winters; Q&A; Bio-Piracy Press Conference.
3:17 Worldwide Genetic Engineering Response, cont.
3:28 Biopiracy & NA Geopolitics: Andres Barreda.
4:42 Biowarfare: E. Hammond, S. Pimiento.
6:00 Patents, Biopiracy, & Globalization, cont.: Kimbrell, Tauli-Corpuz, Shiva, Heller, Burrows. San Diego, Ca., 6/23/01, 6:52.
Noam CHOMSKY: "Restoring Rights"; Norton, Ma., 5/30/01; 1:31.

Democracy University Volume 35:
"WAKE UP DEMOCRATS! Take Back the Country" Conference, with Rob Reiner, Robert Reich, Robert Rosendahl, Rep. Hilda Solis, Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ed Begley Jr., Robt. Borosage, Vincent Bugliosi, Warren Beatty, Susan Lerner, Rep. Maxine Waters, Roy Ulrich, Medea Benjamin, S. David Freeman, Peter Navarro, Hon. Jackie Goldberg, Harold Meyerson, Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa, Amy Wakeland, Bob Erlenbush, Hon. Eric Garcetti, Tom Hayden, Aqella Sherrills, Parke Skelton, & Lila Garrett. Sponsored by SCADA. L.A., CA, 6/24/01, 8:17.

Democracy University Volume 36:
VINCENT BUGLIOSI: "The Betrayal of America," with J. Vance, J. Higdon, D. Aragon, M. Benjamin, R. Enteen. Oakland, Ca., 8/2/1, 2:09.
DAVID BARSAMIAN, author of "The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting", L.A., Ca., 7/28/1, 1:59.
Former "Democracy Now" co-host JUAN GONZALES, w/John Connolly of AFTRA. Santa Monica, Ca., 8/26/1, 1:01.
Alive & Well founder Christine Maggiori on 20/20, 8/17/01, :15.
"Ralph Nader at the Rose Garden", with Jello, Medea, & more. Portland, OR, 8/4/01, 2:58.

Democracy University Volume 37:
"A TEACH-IN on AFGHANISTAN: Women's Rights, Oil Politics, Refugees, the Taliban, & Other Groups", with Sonali Kolhatkar, Dr. Jim Ingalls, and others. At Midnight Special Bookstore, Santa Monica, Ca., 5/5/01; 3:05.
The L.A. Preliminary Hearing of the KOREAN TRUTH COMMISSION on U.S. Military Massacres of Civilians, with Hwa Young Lee, S. Brian Willson, & visiting victims. With press conference (:56). Loyola LS, L.A. Ca., 3/22/1; 2:49.
NOAM CHOMSKY in INDIA: "9/11 & Its Aftermath: Where is the World Heading?" Chennai Music Academy, 11/10/01, 2:32.

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