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Democracy University Catalog; late 2002 (du48-50)

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Democracy University Volume 48.1: The Coalition on Political Assassinations 2002 Dallas Meeting, "11/22 to 9/11 - A Search For Truth" (Part 1 of 3)
:00 Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza
1:06 Conference Welcome (Judge)
1:19 Keynote: Walt Brown
1:55 Keynote: Bill Turner
2:26 Q&A
3:38 Panel: (Countering) the Counter Critics: Dr. Gary Aguilar
4:29 Walt Brown
4:40 Bill Kelly
4:51 Q&A
5:20 Panel on Robert Kennedy: Lisa Pease
5:47 Bill Turner
5:57 Larry Teeter;
6:19 Q&A
6:38 Panel: New JFK Evidence: Tink Thompson
6:51 Don Thomas;
7:19 Jerry Smith;
7:49 Lisa Pease;
8:17 T. Carter. 11/22 & 11/23/02, 8:25.

Democracy University Volume 48.2: The Coalition on Political Assassinations 2002 Dallas Meeting, "11/22 to 9/11 - A Search For Truth" (Part 2 of 3)
:00 Panel: New JFK Evidence, continued: Bill Kelly, Bob Groden, Gary Aguilar
1:21 Panel: Garrison: Joe Biel, Wm. Turner
2:21 Panel: J. Edgar Hoover: Andy Kiel, Wm. Turner
3:15 Panel: MLK: T Carter, Lyndon Barsten, John Judge
4:23 Anti-Castro pilots: Chris Cox
5:11 Paris Flammonde on video (see tape 3 for other videos)
5:38 Sunday: Panel on 9/11: Michael Nurko, Judge, T Carter, Bill Kelly.
7:32 Dick Gregory
8:16 Informal discussion. 11/23 & 11/24/02, 8:24.

Democracy University Volume 48.3: The Coalition on Political Assassinations 2002 Dallas Meeting, "11/22 to 9/11 - A Search For Truth" (Part 3 of 3)
:00 Informal discussion, continued
:06 Duquesne preview
:09 Future Projects: Judge, Kelly, W. Brown
1:05 D. Gregory
2:27 Conference Ends; Video of Black Caucus Brain Trust Panel
2:42 McKinney, MLK III, Pepper
3:35 L. Barsten, Judge J. Brown, John Judge, G. Ross, Mike Ruppert, J. Lesar
5:58 Paris Flammonde, part 2
6:55 Black Caucus video, continued: Nkechi Taifa, J. Lesar, P. Melanson, J. Brown 11/24/02, 7:58.
John Judge in Seattle, 2/16/02, 1st 26 minutes only.

Democracy University Volume 49:
Scott RITTER: "War: Why Now? What You May Not Know." UCC, Claremont, Ca., 1/19/03, 1:57.
HELEN CALDICOTT on the 1st anniversary of the 9/11/01 attack. Herbst Theater, San Francisco, 9/11/02, 1:36.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Paths to Peace: Hopes & Barriers," on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. UPENN, Philadelphia, Pa., 10/3/02; 1:46.
JEFF HALPER: "Home Demolitions in the West Bank". All Saints Church, Pasadena, 10/14/02, 1:52.
Phyllis BENNIS: "US Foreign Policy & Iraq: The Case for Peace." Chapman University, Orange, Ca., 10/17/02, 1:14.

Democracy University Volume 50:
GORE VIDAL at World Peace Day 1, Hd., Ca., 2/15/03; 14 minutes.
Global Exchnge co-founder KEVIN DANAHER: "Corporate Globalization vs. People's Globalization", CSU, Long Beach, Ca., 2/25/03, 1:14.
"Beyond the Battlefield: the Real Costs of War", with Mike Farrell, Arianna Huffington, Tom Hayden, Scott Ritter, Antonio Villaraigosa, James Kenneth Galbraith, Ross Altman, Luisa Gratz, Angela Oh, Eric Garcetti, War & Media workshop, more. Los Angeles, 12/7/02, 4:54.
WM. PEPPER: "An Act of State: MLK's Assassination", Long Beach, Ca., 1/29/03, 2:20.

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