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Democracy University Catalog; early 2004 (du57-60)

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Democracy University Volume 57:
10th Anniversary of California's THREE STRIKES LAW Rally & Vigil, at Leimert Park, LA, Ca., 3/6/04, 2:07.
"US Patriot Act & Civil Liberties Forum", with Erwin Chemerinsky, Sonali Kolhatkar, & Jennifer Martin, Sherman Austin's mother. LMU, L.A., Ca., 2/18/4, 2:43.
ANN FAGAN GINGER: "International Laws & Treaties: the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations", with folk-singer Harriet Aronow. L.A., Ca., 3/6/04, 1:04.
"LIES & Laughter: War, Poverty, Unemployment, & Other Innovations of Bush America", with Rob Schneidner, Rene Hicks, Paula Poundstone, & many more. L.A., Ca., 2/19/4, 2:28.

Democracy University Volume 58:
Amy & David Goodman: "War, Media, & Democracy"; Immanuel Presbyterian Church, L.A., 4/21/04; 2:29.
Charles Lewis & Arianna Huffington: "The Buying of the President"; Immanuel Presbyterian, 4/5/04, 1:46.
Gerry Nicosia: "FBI vs. John Kerry & Vets Against War"; San Francisco Public Library, 4/22/04, 1:16.
Sam Hamill: "'Poets Against the War' vs. Laura Bush", at a meeting of Sunset Poets, Oceanside, Ca., 4/17/04, 1:26.
Green Party Presidential Candidate Debate, with Peter Camejo, David Cobb, Kent Mesplay, & S. Kamienicki. USC, L.A., Ca., 2/14/04; 1:27.

Democracy University Volume 59:
"Nuclear Weapons & International Disorder", with Helen Caldicott, Dan Ellsberg, Jonathan Schell, Richard Falk, Brent Blackwelder, & Phil Coyle. Santa Barbara City College, 5/14/04, 2:05.
Chalmers Johnson: "The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, & the End of the Republic"; Saint Matthias Episcopal Church, Whittier, Ca., 5/15/04, 1:47.
Greg Palast: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"; also with Greg Proops. L.A.,4/7/04,1:39.
"Benefit Peace Concert" with David Rovics, Fred Starner, Kennon Raines, Anita Coates, Steve Connell, & Jared Burton. L.A., Ca., 3/8/03; 3:52.

Democracy University Volume 60.1: UCLA's Palestine Awareness Week, Day 1:
"Palestine 101: A History of Palestine and the Right of Return", with Dr. Jess Ghannam & Dr. Zahi Damuni;
Part 1: The History of Palestine from Al Nakba until the "Peace" Talks;
Part 2: The Right of Return Under Threat: From Oslo to the Geneva Accord;
Part 3: What You Can Do for Peace. 4/10/04, 3:34.
"Open Forum on Haiti", with Maxine Waters, Pierre Labossiere, Margaret Prescod, & Michael Zinzun. Held at CSULA, 5/26/04; 2:38.
Ramona Africa: "Who Do You Call When The Police Are The Problem?" Faith UMC, L.A., Ca., 4/17/04; 2:11.

Democracy University Volume 60.2: UCLA's Palestine Awareness Week, Days 2-5:
"Combatting Myths of the Palestinian People", with Prof. George Bisharat & Alison Weir. 4/12/04, 2:06.
"Life Under the Occupation: Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank, & Gaza", with Nader Obujabain, Dina Rasheed, & Professor Gabi Piterberg. 4/13/04, 1:36
"Life Behind the Apartheid Wall" with Garrick Ruiz & Professor Mahmoud Ibrahim. UCLA, 4/14/04, 1:53.
"Israeli and Palestinian Peace Movements", with Hagit Borer. 4/15/04, 1:18.
Greta Berlin of ISM, 5/1/04, 1:32.

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