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The 2004 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (on du61 & du62); du63

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Democracy University Volume 61: 7 Events from the 2004 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
FCC Deputy Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein & Peter Phillips: "Defending the Public's Airwaves", :72.
Michael Parenti: "Creating a Sustainable Economy: Lessons", :75.
Dolores Huerta: "Immigrants: The New Civil Rights Movement", :70.
"Civil Liberties, Prison, and Drug Policy"; Mike & James Grey, :78.
"Discovering Dominga: Human Rights in Guatemala", :70.
Robert Reich: "Why Liberals Will Win", :75.
Ben Bagdikian: "The New Media Monopoly". :66. Long Beach, Ca., 6/25 to 6/28/04.

Democracy University Volume 62:
Studs Terkel: "Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times", with Harry Kreisler & Dave Eggers. Berkeley, Ca., 10/29/3, :80.
Thomas Frank: "What's Wrong with Kansas?" L.A., Ca., 6/20/04, :79.
Walden Bello: "The Anti-Development State"; UCI, 6/9/04, :75.
4 Events from the 2004 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly:
"Holding US Corporations Accountable in Burma" with Ka Hsaw, Katie Redford, & Charlie Clements, :68;
"Project Censored" with Peter Phillips & Jonathan Adelstein, :62;
Jim Scott: "Mystery & Harmony: Healing Power of Natural Places", & "An Earth & Spirit Songfest", 2:20. Long Beach, Ca., 6/25 to 6/28/04.

Democracy University Volume 63:
"A Star Spangled Evening," with Al Franken, Paul Krugman, Kevin Phillips, & Amy Goodman, with MoveOn.org's 4 winning ads; 1/18/04, 2:14.
Arianna Huffington: "Fanatics & Fools". Borders Books, L.A., Ca., 5/29/04; :51.
John Dean, author of "Worse than Watergate". ACLU Singles Chapter, Westwood, L.A., Ca., 7/12/04; 1:22.
Noam Chomsky: "The Occupation of Palestine: A Short History". Boston, MA, 12/10/03; 1:15.
"David Rovics / David Lippman / Prince Mishkins Peace Concert" at Frank & Jane Dorrel's, Culver City, Ca., 7/11/04; 2:42.

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