Announcements about videotapes and DVDs from JusticeVision, including the Democracy University and Democracy Digest series; Ralph Cole, editor. Videotapes are $5 each; DVDs are only $3. Order form at http://members.pdxweb.net/justicevision/ or by e-mail at orders@justicevision.org

DVDs: Helen Caldicott, Arianna Huffington, Chalmers Johnson, Michael Moore, Cornel West and more

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These titles are available on DVD. Click on the title for more information:

Democracy Digest Special Edition: Chalmers Johnson (ask for "Chalmers DVD")
(Formerly called Camelot Now!)
Includes Chalmers Johnson, Helen Caldicott, Dan Ellsberg, Jonathan Schell, Cornel West and others.

The 2004 Rebeat Bush Toolkit (ask for "Rebeat DVD")
Includes a film by Aldo Vidali, information on electronic voting, MoveOn.org's anti-Bush ads, Arianna Huffington, Antonio Villaraigosa, Senator Diane Feinstein, Michael Moore, and more!