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Democracy Digest Volume 89: 9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda -- Facing the Facts (on 3 DVDs)

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American Scholars Symposium
9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda: Facing the Facts
Los Angeles Sheraton, 6/24-25/2006
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(When ordering, ask for "DD89" to request all 3 discs or specify discs desired)

A higher-quality 4-DVD version of this set is also available. This set includes no additional content but is recorded with a higher picture quality than the 3-DVD set. To request the 4-disc set, ask for "DD89.4-7" when ordering.


NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: The current subscriber mailing consists of Democracy Digest Volumes 78 through 88 and the 3-DVD version of DD89. If you'd like to upgrade to the 4-DVD version of DD89 -- or receive less than the full mailing -- or if your address has changed, please let us know as soon as possible, as these are now being shipped.

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