Announcements about videotapes and DVDs from JusticeVision, including the Democracy University and Democracy Digest series; Ralph Cole, editor. Videotapes are $5 each; DVDs are only $3. Order form at http://members.pdxweb.net/justicevision/ or by e-mail at orders@justicevision.org

DVDs: Democracy Digest 64-68, Gary Webb, Encuentro 2004

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The following titles are now available on DVD. Click on the titles for more information:

Democracy Digest Volume 64: (ask for "DD64")
"Solving the 9/11 Crime: A Citizens' Grand Jury"
Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles, California; October 23, 2004

Democracy Digest Volume 65: (ask for "DD65.1")
"Crack & the CIA: 4 Events, with Gary Webb, Norman Solomon, Maxine Waters, and Dick Gregory"

3 Events with Gary Webb (ask for "DD65.2")

Democracy Digest Volume 66: (ask for "DD66")
"City Repair," Asra'a Mizyad, Dennis Kucinich and others

Democracy Digest Volume 67: (ask for "DD67")
"Southern California ADA's 2004 Book Fair: Democracy & Truth: Regime Change 2004"

Democracy Digest Volume 68: (ask for "DD68")
"Human Rights Abuses in Our Hemisphere," 4 Events with Dennis Banks, Jennifer Harbury, Charlie Clements, and Kevin Pina

Democracy Digest Special Editions:

UUSC's 2004 Encuentro with Jennifer Harbury (ask for "2004 Encuentro")
"U.S. / Corporate Empire in Our Hemisphere: The People's Response"

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