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Democracy University Special Edition: Fellowship of Reconciliation 2004 Conference (on 3 tapes)

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The Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference, "Organizing the Real Superpower / People of the World Choose Peace" (Tape 1 of 3)
:03 Welcome
:30 Kathy Kelly: "Other Lands Have Dreams"
1:25 Music by Kerry Getz, Paula Larke, & Tom Rawson
2:39 Friday Morning: Dan Kwong.
2:54 "Hiroshima, Iraq, & Beyond", with I. Ramey, G. Aguirre, T. Ambrogi, J. Bloomfield, M. Coffey, Arlene Inouye, & Pam Meidell.
4:32 "The Friendship Village" with a.p. Jeff Schutts.
5:33 "Oil, War, & Empire", with Jason Mark.
6:58 "Conscientious Objection & the Draft" with Bill Galvin & Stefan Merken. Occidental College, L.A., 8/5 to 8/6/04, 8:26.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference, "Organizing the Real Superpower / People of the World Choose Peace" (Tape 2 of 3)
:04 "Fellowship of Reconciliation History" with George Houser & Rd. Deats.
:51 Rev. James Lawson: "Prophetic Patriotism"; with Mike Farrell.
2:05 Saturday Morning
2:13 The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement", with Dorothy Cotton, Donzaleigh Abernathy, & John Lawson.
3:47 Excerpt from "In This House" with filmmaker David Gates.
4:14 US Drug Policy Impact on People of Color: Focus on Tulia.
5:50 "National Security Strategy & the New American Empire", with Tom Ambrogi. 8/6 to 8/7/04, 7:20.
Amira Hass: "Palestinian Suicide Bombers", UC Berkeley, 10/23/03, :63.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation National Conference, "Organizing the Real Superpower / People of the World Choose Peace" (Tape 3 of 3)
:00 Sunday Morning: David McCarroll
:15 "Peace & Our Children", with Rabbi Leonard Beerman, Cindy & Craig Corrie (parents of Rachel Corrie), Leah Wells & John Lawson.
1:49 "Peace Building in a Time of Cultural War" with Kay Whitlock
2:28 Part of Kathy Kelly's workshop.
4:14 "Creative Nonviolent Action in the World", with Joe Groves, John Lindsay-Poland, Sami Awad, Leonardo Jimenez Garcia, & Ruth Hiller. 5:55
Monday: Floutist George Abe
6:15 Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson; introduced by Dr. Diane Akiyama.
7:48 Thank-yous. 8/8 to 8/9/04, 8:20.

The 2004 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (on du61 & du62); du63

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Democracy University Volume 61: 7 Events from the 2004 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly
FCC Deputy Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein & Peter Phillips: "Defending the Public's Airwaves", :72.
Michael Parenti: "Creating a Sustainable Economy: Lessons", :75.
Dolores Huerta: "Immigrants: The New Civil Rights Movement", :70.
"Civil Liberties, Prison, and Drug Policy"; Mike & James Grey, :78.
"Discovering Dominga: Human Rights in Guatemala", :70.
Robert Reich: "Why Liberals Will Win", :75.
Ben Bagdikian: "The New Media Monopoly". :66. Long Beach, Ca., 6/25 to 6/28/04.

Democracy University Volume 62:
Studs Terkel: "Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times", with Harry Kreisler & Dave Eggers. Berkeley, Ca., 10/29/3, :80.
Thomas Frank: "What's Wrong with Kansas?" L.A., Ca., 6/20/04, :79.
Walden Bello: "The Anti-Development State"; UCI, 6/9/04, :75.
4 Events from the 2004 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly:
"Holding US Corporations Accountable in Burma" with Ka Hsaw, Katie Redford, & Charlie Clements, :68;
"Project Censored" with Peter Phillips & Jonathan Adelstein, :62;
Jim Scott: "Mystery & Harmony: Healing Power of Natural Places", & "An Earth & Spirit Songfest", 2:20. Long Beach, Ca., 6/25 to 6/28/04.

Democracy University Volume 63:
"A Star Spangled Evening," with Al Franken, Paul Krugman, Kevin Phillips, & Amy Goodman, with MoveOn.org's 4 winning ads; 1/18/04, 2:14.
Arianna Huffington: "Fanatics & Fools". Borders Books, L.A., Ca., 5/29/04; :51.
John Dean, author of "Worse than Watergate". ACLU Singles Chapter, Westwood, L.A., Ca., 7/12/04; 1:22.
Noam Chomsky: "The Occupation of Palestine: A Short History". Boston, MA, 12/10/03; 1:15.
"David Rovics / David Lippman / Prince Mishkins Peace Concert" at Frank & Jane Dorrel's, Culver City, Ca., 7/11/04; 2:42.

Democracy University Catalog; early 2004 (du57-60)

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Democracy University Volume 57:
10th Anniversary of California's THREE STRIKES LAW Rally & Vigil, at Leimert Park, LA, Ca., 3/6/04, 2:07.
"US Patriot Act & Civil Liberties Forum", with Erwin Chemerinsky, Sonali Kolhatkar, & Jennifer Martin, Sherman Austin's mother. LMU, L.A., Ca., 2/18/4, 2:43.
ANN FAGAN GINGER: "International Laws & Treaties: the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations", with folk-singer Harriet Aronow. L.A., Ca., 3/6/04, 1:04.
"LIES & Laughter: War, Poverty, Unemployment, & Other Innovations of Bush America", with Rob Schneidner, Rene Hicks, Paula Poundstone, & many more. L.A., Ca., 2/19/4, 2:28.

Democracy University Volume 58:
Amy & David Goodman: "War, Media, & Democracy"; Immanuel Presbyterian Church, L.A., 4/21/04; 2:29.
Charles Lewis & Arianna Huffington: "The Buying of the President"; Immanuel Presbyterian, 4/5/04, 1:46.
Gerry Nicosia: "FBI vs. John Kerry & Vets Against War"; San Francisco Public Library, 4/22/04, 1:16.
Sam Hamill: "'Poets Against the War' vs. Laura Bush", at a meeting of Sunset Poets, Oceanside, Ca., 4/17/04, 1:26.
Green Party Presidential Candidate Debate, with Peter Camejo, David Cobb, Kent Mesplay, & S. Kamienicki. USC, L.A., Ca., 2/14/04; 1:27.

Democracy University Volume 59:
"Nuclear Weapons & International Disorder", with Helen Caldicott, Dan Ellsberg, Jonathan Schell, Richard Falk, Brent Blackwelder, & Phil Coyle. Santa Barbara City College, 5/14/04, 2:05.
Chalmers Johnson: "The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, & the End of the Republic"; Saint Matthias Episcopal Church, Whittier, Ca., 5/15/04, 1:47.
Greg Palast: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"; also with Greg Proops. L.A.,4/7/04,1:39.
"Benefit Peace Concert" with David Rovics, Fred Starner, Kennon Raines, Anita Coates, Steve Connell, & Jared Burton. L.A., Ca., 3/8/03; 3:52.

Democracy University Volume 60.1: UCLA's Palestine Awareness Week, Day 1:
"Palestine 101: A History of Palestine and the Right of Return", with Dr. Jess Ghannam & Dr. Zahi Damuni;
Part 1: The History of Palestine from Al Nakba until the "Peace" Talks;
Part 2: The Right of Return Under Threat: From Oslo to the Geneva Accord;
Part 3: What You Can Do for Peace. 4/10/04, 3:34.
"Open Forum on Haiti", with Maxine Waters, Pierre Labossiere, Margaret Prescod, & Michael Zinzun. Held at CSULA, 5/26/04; 2:38.
Ramona Africa: "Who Do You Call When The Police Are The Problem?" Faith UMC, L.A., Ca., 4/17/04; 2:11.

Democracy University Volume 60.2: UCLA's Palestine Awareness Week, Days 2-5:
"Combatting Myths of the Palestinian People", with Prof. George Bisharat & Alison Weir. 4/12/04, 2:06.
"Life Under the Occupation: Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank, & Gaza", with Nader Obujabain, Dina Rasheed, & Professor Gabi Piterberg. 4/13/04, 1:36
"Life Behind the Apartheid Wall" with Garrick Ruiz & Professor Mahmoud Ibrahim. UCLA, 4/14/04, 1:53.
"Israeli and Palestinian Peace Movements", with Hagit Borer. 4/15/04, 1:18.
Greta Berlin of ISM, 5/1/04, 1:32.

Democracy University Catalog; 2003 (du51-56)

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Democracy University Volume 51: "Planet Patriotism 101"
Congressman DENNIS KUCINICH: "A Vision for America," Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, Ca., 4/5/03, 2:10.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "War on Iraq"; at Agape Center, Culver City, Ca., 4/6/03; 1:01.
Physicist VANDANA SHIVA: "Artificial Scarcity", Mission Viejo, Ca., 4/2/03, 1:19.
Greg PALAST: "Florida-Gate and Beyond", North Hollywood, Ca.; 2/23/3, 1:18.
Scott RITTER, former UN Chief Weapons Inspector: "The True Promise of America," Current Affairs Books, San Diego, Ca., 1/20/03; :58.
Howard ZINN: "War Victims"; University of San Diego, 4/3/03, 1:38.

Democracy University Volume 52:
Constitutional Law Scholar ERWIN CHEMERINSKY: "Can Civil Liberties Survive the War on Terrorism?" All Saints Church, Pasadena, Ca., 7/28/03, 1:26.
"Report Back from the War in Iraq", with Jerry Quickly & Amy Goodman. L.A. 1st Baptist Church, 7/19/03, 1:45.
L.A. Times Columnist ROBERT SCHEER: "Why Guns and Butter Don't Mix", Pasadena City College, 6/22/03, 1:51.
Jim HIGHTOWER: "Kleptocrat Confederacy". Santa Barbara, Ca., 9/16/03; 1:17.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Does the US Intend to Dominate the Whole World?" UDC, Washington, DC, 6/1/03, 2:05.

Democracy University Volume 53:
Social Philosopher CORNEL WEST: "Restoring Hope". Pasadena City College, 12/5/03, 2:13.
Michael PARENTI: "Democracy vs. World Domination", at UNITE Union Hall, L.A., Ca., 10/13/03. 1:23.
Sonali KOLHATKAR: "Report Back from the Madison 'Media Reform Project' Conference". Northridge, Ca., 11/29/03; 1:18.
Edward SAID: "Memory, Inequality, & Power: Palestine & the Universality of Human Rights". Royce Hall, UC Los Angeles, 2/20/03, 1:35.
A Memorial Service for Edward SAID at UCLA's Shoenberg Hall, 11/15/03, 1:54.

Democracy University Volume 54:
Former Congresswoman CYNTHIA McKINNEY's Keynote at the Redwood Sequoia Conference: "Confronting Empire", with Erika Luckett, Peter Camejo, Mike Ruppert, & Gus Newport. King MS, Berkeley, 10/25/03, 2:40.
Darryl Cherney: "FBI Frame-Up: The Judi Bari / Darryl Cherney Bombing Case". Sepulveda UU, North Hills, Ca., 10/14/03, 1:51.
Sirhan Sirhan's lawyer LARRY TEETER: "RFK Assassination Update", North Hills, Ca., 12/9/03, 1:51.
"People's History Night" with Howard ZINN, sponsored by the Southern California Library for Social Research; at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, L.A., 11/2/03, 2:01.

Democracy University Volume 55:
ELECTRONIC VOTING: 6 Segments, with Amy Goodman, Lynn Landes, Bev Harris, & Rush Holt. 8/03-10/03, 1:36.
Dennis Kucinich & Howard Dean at the FL Democratic Convention, 12/6/03, 1:13.
TARIQ ALI, author of "Bush in Babylon: the Recolonisation of Iraq". Culver City, 11/15/03, 2:03.
Kathy KELLY: "Life & War in Iraq", at the Onion, 12/14/03, 1:21.
JEFF GATES: "On Rescuing Main Street from Wall Street", at Art Affair, Laguna Beach, Ca., 7/6/03, 1:05.
Medea BENJAMIN: "Report Back from Cancun & Florida", North Hills, Ca., 9/21/03, 1:05.

Democracy University Volume 56:
PoCLaD's MOLLY MORGAN: "Corporate Personhood". North Hills, Ca. UU Ch., 5/18/03, 1:42.
RAHUL MAHAJAN: "Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq & Beyond". Cal Tech, Pasadena, 11/3/03, 1:52.
JOYCE RILEY: "Gulf War Syndrome: US Biological Warfare on Members of the US Military". 11/17/03, 1:41.
DAN FAHEY: "Depleted Uranium". Pacific UU Ch., Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca., 10/17/03, 1:34.
"FREEDOM SUMMER: A Celebration of the Courage of Rachel Corrie & the Victims of Israeli Occupation". Garden Grove, Ca., 5/17/03, 1:46.

Democracy University Catalog; late 2002 (du48-50)

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Democracy University Volume 48.1: The Coalition on Political Assassinations 2002 Dallas Meeting, "11/22 to 9/11 - A Search For Truth" (Part 1 of 3)
:00 Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza
1:06 Conference Welcome (Judge)
1:19 Keynote: Walt Brown
1:55 Keynote: Bill Turner
2:26 Q&A
3:38 Panel: (Countering) the Counter Critics: Dr. Gary Aguilar
4:29 Walt Brown
4:40 Bill Kelly
4:51 Q&A
5:20 Panel on Robert Kennedy: Lisa Pease
5:47 Bill Turner
5:57 Larry Teeter;
6:19 Q&A
6:38 Panel: New JFK Evidence: Tink Thompson
6:51 Don Thomas;
7:19 Jerry Smith;
7:49 Lisa Pease;
8:17 T. Carter. 11/22 & 11/23/02, 8:25.

Democracy University Volume 48.2: The Coalition on Political Assassinations 2002 Dallas Meeting, "11/22 to 9/11 - A Search For Truth" (Part 2 of 3)
:00 Panel: New JFK Evidence, continued: Bill Kelly, Bob Groden, Gary Aguilar
1:21 Panel: Garrison: Joe Biel, Wm. Turner
2:21 Panel: J. Edgar Hoover: Andy Kiel, Wm. Turner
3:15 Panel: MLK: T Carter, Lyndon Barsten, John Judge
4:23 Anti-Castro pilots: Chris Cox
5:11 Paris Flammonde on video (see tape 3 for other videos)
5:38 Sunday: Panel on 9/11: Michael Nurko, Judge, T Carter, Bill Kelly.
7:32 Dick Gregory
8:16 Informal discussion. 11/23 & 11/24/02, 8:24.

Democracy University Volume 48.3: The Coalition on Political Assassinations 2002 Dallas Meeting, "11/22 to 9/11 - A Search For Truth" (Part 3 of 3)
:00 Informal discussion, continued
:06 Duquesne preview
:09 Future Projects: Judge, Kelly, W. Brown
1:05 D. Gregory
2:27 Conference Ends; Video of Black Caucus Brain Trust Panel
2:42 McKinney, MLK III, Pepper
3:35 L. Barsten, Judge J. Brown, John Judge, G. Ross, Mike Ruppert, J. Lesar
5:58 Paris Flammonde, part 2
6:55 Black Caucus video, continued: Nkechi Taifa, J. Lesar, P. Melanson, J. Brown 11/24/02, 7:58.
John Judge in Seattle, 2/16/02, 1st 26 minutes only.

Democracy University Volume 49:
Scott RITTER: "War: Why Now? What You May Not Know." UCC, Claremont, Ca., 1/19/03, 1:57.
HELEN CALDICOTT on the 1st anniversary of the 9/11/01 attack. Herbst Theater, San Francisco, 9/11/02, 1:36.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Paths to Peace: Hopes & Barriers," on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. UPENN, Philadelphia, Pa., 10/3/02; 1:46.
JEFF HALPER: "Home Demolitions in the West Bank". All Saints Church, Pasadena, 10/14/02, 1:52.
Phyllis BENNIS: "US Foreign Policy & Iraq: The Case for Peace." Chapman University, Orange, Ca., 10/17/02, 1:14.

Democracy University Volume 50:
GORE VIDAL at World Peace Day 1, Hd., Ca., 2/15/03; 14 minutes.
Global Exchnge co-founder KEVIN DANAHER: "Corporate Globalization vs. People's Globalization", CSU, Long Beach, Ca., 2/25/03, 1:14.
"Beyond the Battlefield: the Real Costs of War", with Mike Farrell, Arianna Huffington, Tom Hayden, Scott Ritter, Antonio Villaraigosa, James Kenneth Galbraith, Ross Altman, Luisa Gratz, Angela Oh, Eric Garcetti, War & Media workshop, more. Los Angeles, 12/7/02, 4:54.
WM. PEPPER: "An Act of State: MLK's Assassination", Long Beach, Ca., 1/29/03, 2:20.

Democracy University Catalog; 2001-2002 (du38-47)

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Democracy University Volume 38: The "Why" Tape
NOAM CHOMSKY: "The New War on Terrorism." MIT Technology & Culture Forum, Boston, 10/18/01, 2:09.
MICHAEL PARENTI: "Globalization & Terrorism," Modesto JC, 9/20/01, 1:08.
Howard ZINN: "The Artist's Role in Effecting Social Change," Mass. College of Art, Boston, 10/10/01, 1:47.
Ralph NADER: "People Have the Power," with Medea Benjamin and others. Masonic Center, San Francisco, 10/11/01, 2:32.
"Mumia Live, Mumia Free" excerpts, with Mumia's attorney Elliot Grossman and others. 33 1/3 Gallery, L.A., CA. 9/28/01, :48.

Democracy University Volume 39:
Dr. CORNEL WEST: "Progressive Politics In These Times: From Vision to Action," the 2001 Mario Savio Memorial Lecture, UC Berkeley, 11/15/01, 1:43.
Howard ZINN at Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, 11/14/01, 1:36.
"A Celebration in Memory of KEN KESEY, Visionary Artist and Literary Radical," at San Francisco Public Library, 12/5/01; 1:49.
A Free Mumia/Free Pacifica Evening of Solidarity, with Amy Goodman, Danny Glover, more. Mission HS, SF, 12/15/01, 2:34.
Interfaith Event honoring Congresswoman Barbara LEE, Culver City, Ca., 12/20/01, :40.

Democracy University Volume 40:
"Our Democracy After 9/11" with Stephen Rohde, Robert Reich, John Burton, Diane Watson, Ed Begley, Dennis Kucinich, Arianna Huffington, Jim Hightower, Tom Hayden, Hilda Solis, Ted Williams, Maxine Waters, and Antonio Villaraigosa. University of Southern California, 2/17/02, 3:26.
"A Community Forum on the War on Terrorism": Elke Heitmeyer, M. Ibrahim, Y. Khen; J. Lafferty, Ann Fagan Ginger, E. Chemerinsky; Don White, M. Prescod, Rev. James Lawson; T. Bonpane, M. Parenti, S. Kolhatkar; Danielle Babineau, and Preston Wood. Fairfax HS, L.A, Ca., 2/2/02, 4:55.

Democracy University Volume 41:
Professor EDWARD SAID: "Power, Politics, & Culture: The US & the Middle East", The Delp-Wilkinson Peace Lecture, Chapman U., Orange, Ca., 2/28/02; 1:33.
MIKE MOORE at Cal State LA: "Bin Bush et al", 3/7/02, 1:24.
MICHAEL PARENTI: "Terrorism & Globalism", Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, Ca., 1/31/02, 1:19.
Medea BENJAMIN & others: "The War in Afghanistan". At UCI, Irvine, Ca., 2/28/02, 1:39.
"A Meeting on PALESTINE", with RAMSEY CLARK, M. Shehadeh, & a doc on the Intifada. IAC, L.A., Ca., 3/2/02, 2:29.

Democracy University Volume 42:
Michael Moore: "Stupid White Men", Immanuel Presbyterian Church, L.A., Ca., 3/7/2, 2:18.
Kevin Danaher: "A Different Kind of Globalization." Sponsored by Contra Costa Greens. Vet's Hall, Lafayette, Ca., 2/22/02, 1:38.
Howard ZINN: "Where Are We Heading? US Foreign Policy, Terrorism, and Global Security"; Boston, Ma., 2/6/02, 1:47.
Michael PARENTI: "Globalization, Democracy, & Terrorism", UCI, Irvine, Ca., 1/31/02, 1:31.
Noam CHOMSKY:"Pathways to Peace & Security", AFSC Conf., Tufts U., Medford, Ma., 2/10/02, 1:06.

Democracy University Volume 43:
Adam SHAPIRO: "The Siege of Ramallah", Luna Sol Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, 5/5/02; 1:09.
NOAM CHOMSKY's Stanford Lecture: "Peering into the Abyss of the Future". Palo Alto, CA, 3/22/02; 2:16.
David KORTEN: "On Making Religion Earth-Friendly", at All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, CA, 4/14/02; 1:29.
TED GLICK, founder of the IPPN (Independent Progressive Politics Network): "The New Peace and Justice Movement," Los Angeles, CA, 4/28/02; 1:46.
Howard ZINN: "America Today, America Past," at the Newport Beach CA public library, 4/19/02, 1:41.

Democracy University Volume 44:
Greg PALAST: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," World Beat Center, San Diego, Ca., 3/20/02; 1:22.
Adam SHAPIRO: "Siege of Ramallah, part 2," UCLA, L.A., Ca., 5/7/02; 1:46.
Ralph NADER: "Only You Can Prevent Another Enron", L.A., Ca., 4/28/02; 1:16.
Michael PARENTI: "Terrorism, Imperialism, & Conspiracy", Berkeley, Ca., 4/25/02; 1:39.
Medea BENJAMIN: "Report Back from Afghanistan", Northridge, Ca., 2/9/02; :51.
Helen CALDICOTT: "Free Speech in Dangerous Times", University Synagogue, L.A. Ca., 1/29/02; 1:29.

Democracy University Volume 45:
"Unanswered Questions from 9/11," with John Judge, Mike Ruppert, and many more. At the National Press Club, Washington DC, 6/10/02; 2:46.
KPFK presents Greg PALAST: "Florida-Gate"; North Hollywood, Ca., 6/12/02, 1:44.
Ralph NADER: "Corporate Accountability". 1st Cong. Church, Berkeley, Ca., 7/12/02, 1:36
Father's Day with Alberta Lee, daughter of Wen Ho Lee. Northridge, Ca., 6/16/02, :39.
Award-Winning British Journalist & Mid-East Correspondent ROBERT FISK at 1st Cong. Church, Berkeley, Ca., 6/20/02, 1:39.

Democracy University Volume 46:
"The Crash of Civil Liberties since 9/11 . . . the coming of a police state?" with Atty. Lynne Stewart (facing 40 years), Nancy Hormachea, M. Vanderhaut, Bob Bloom, J. Mackler, B. Lubin. Berkeley, Ca., 7/11/02; 2:26.
"Courage to Refuse", an evening with Ram Rahat & Ushai Sagi, refusenik Israeli soldiers. Temple Emannuel, Beverly Hills, Ca., 5/20/02, 1:59.
"The Positive Futures Gathering: What is the Foundation for a Sustainable World?", with David Korten, Walter Wink, Jehu Hanciles, Daisy Machado, & Joe Brooks. All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, Ca., 4/12-13/02, 3:58.

Democracy University Volume 47:
"Paul Wellstone Remembered", with Tom Hayden, Warren Beatty, N. Lear, M. Waters. University Synagogue, L.A., CA, 11/3/2; 2:57.
"Assessing the Case for War with Iraq", with UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter & Stephen Walt. At MIT Technology & Culture Forum, 9/26/02; 1:42.
"The Movement for Peace in the Middle East," with Rd. Becker of ANSWER. UUOC, Santa Ana, Ca., 9/8/02, :57.
"Peace Conference on the Immoral & Illegal U.S. War Against Iraq," with Ramsey Clark, Medea Benjamin, Rb. H. Beliak, Rv. G. Regas, Fr. F. Just, & Ban Al-Wardi. Sponsored by ICUJP. At LMU, L.A., Ca., 10/13/02, 2:50.

Democracy University Catalog; 2000-2001 (du29-37)

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Democracy University Volume 29:
The Los Angeles COUNTER-INAUGURATION, with Ed Asner, Tom Hayden, Ed Begley, Maxine Waters, Miguel Contreras, Sheila Kuehl, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Jackie Goldberg, Sabina Virgo, CARAL, Gloria Allred, Sara Messenger, more. 1/20/01, 3:25.
VOTESCAM: An interview with James Collier (He died in '97). 1996, 1 hour.
A Peace & Solidarity Reunion with S. BRIAN WILLSON, with P. Wood, M. Miller, L. Tubach, Rev. P. Sawyer, Pat Todd, J. Parker, Y. Alaniz, R. Altman, Mike Ruppert, K. Nkrumah, A. Sanchez, H. Y. Lee, & Rev. Jim Lawson. L.A., 12/9/00, 3:38.

Democracy University Volume 30:
A Symposium on RACIAL PROFILING, with Kadiatou Diallo, mother of Amadou Diallo; also Milton C. Grimes, Jody Armour, Joe Smith, John Zipny, Paul Parker, and Steve Cooper. Western State University, Fullerton, CA. 2/28/01, 2:00.
RHODA BERENSON, mother of Lori Berenson, imprisoned in Peru. At the Museum of Tolerance, L.A., CA. 3/1/01, 1:03.
"Human Rights Violations in Iran, Reaction of the World, & International Avenues to Seek Justice," in 3 parts. Includes the documentary "Terror & Torture" & testimony of survivors. Occidental College, 5/20/00, 5:05.

Democracy University Volume 31:
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty, Democracy, and Other Endangered Species, Part One"; introduction by Edward Said. Columbia University, New York, NY, 11/13/00, 1:48.
CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty, Democracy, & Other Endangered Species, Part 2"; introduction by Nakiel Bilgrami. 11/14/00, 1:42.
CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty, Democracy, & Other Endangered Species, Part 3"; introduction by Philip Kitcher. 11/16/00, 1:42.
CHOMSKY: "The Middle East Crisis at the End of the 20th Century: What Can We Do?" MIT, Boston, 12/14/00. 2:36.

Democracy University Volume 32:
"AIR WARS: Independent Voices Under Fire", with Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, Bernard White, & many more. L.A. 1st Baptist Church, 3/23/01, 3:29.
Amy Goodman: "Independent Media & Dissent: from the U.S. to Indonesia and East Timor," Berkeley, 4/27/01, 2:19.
"An Evening with WINONA LADUKE," Berkeley, CA., 3/15/01, 1:40.
Law Professor ERWIN CHEMERINSKY, L.A. Ca., 5/12/01, :19.
Human Rights Activist DENNIS BRUTUS. IPPN, Madison, WI, 6/4/00, :14.
Cole vs. Huizar, 4/1/01, 6 mins.

Democracy University Volume 33: A PENTAGON PAPERS SYMPOSIUM on the 30th Anniversary of Their Release:
Morning: Ellsberg's keynote;
Panel: The Confrontation betwn Press & Government: Gaffney, Goodale, Ungar, H. Smith, Oberdorfer, Rudenstine, Glendon.
Lunch: Former Senator Mike Gravel.
Afternoon: The Pentagon Papers Study Inside the Defense Department: Prados, Halperin, Schandler, Margolis;
The Historical Significance of the Papers: Crandell, Prados, Raskin, Powers, Russo, Ellsberg;
Closing. National Press Club, Washington, DC, 6/5/01, 7:24.
ELLSBERG: "Lessons of Vietnam." Hampshire College, 10/4/97, :39.

Democracy University Volume 34.1: "BEYOND BIODEVASTATION: The 5th Grassroots Gathering to Celebrate Biodiversity and Question Genetic Engineering" (TAPE 1 of 2)
:00 Farm Issues & Genetic Engineering: Wenzel, Kinsman, Christison, Quaday, Schmeiser.
1:57 Prince Mishkin Band
2:05 Welcome: Brian Tokar & Beth Burrows
2:31 Science & Genetic Engineering: B. Tokar, Dr. R. Steinbrecher, Dr. M. Crouch.
3:57 Patents, Biopiracy, & Globalization: Vandana Shiva, A. Kimbrell, V. Tauli-Corpuz, A. Barreda, Chaia Heller, Burrows.
5:23 Saturday: P. Millet, P. Rosset, M. Offerman, Food Issues, Wilson & Akre.
7:44 Human Genetic Engineering. San Diego, Ca., 6/22 to 6/23/01, 8:11.

Democracy University Volume 34.2: "BEYOND BIODEVASTATION" (TAPE 2 of 2)
:00 Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Vandana Shiva, Peg Millet
:48 Worldwide Genetic Engineering Response: Spitzer, Thomas, Anderson, Tilly, Kallman, Pimiento, Sharratt, Petermann, Winters; Q&A; Bio-Piracy Press Conference.
3:17 Worldwide Genetic Engineering Response, cont.
3:28 Biopiracy & NA Geopolitics: Andres Barreda.
4:42 Biowarfare: E. Hammond, S. Pimiento.
6:00 Patents, Biopiracy, & Globalization, cont.: Kimbrell, Tauli-Corpuz, Shiva, Heller, Burrows. San Diego, Ca., 6/23/01, 6:52.
Noam CHOMSKY: "Restoring Rights"; Norton, Ma., 5/30/01; 1:31.

Democracy University Volume 35:
"WAKE UP DEMOCRATS! Take Back the Country" Conference, with Rob Reiner, Robert Reich, Robert Rosendahl, Rep. Hilda Solis, Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ed Begley Jr., Robt. Borosage, Vincent Bugliosi, Warren Beatty, Susan Lerner, Rep. Maxine Waters, Roy Ulrich, Medea Benjamin, S. David Freeman, Peter Navarro, Hon. Jackie Goldberg, Harold Meyerson, Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa, Amy Wakeland, Bob Erlenbush, Hon. Eric Garcetti, Tom Hayden, Aqella Sherrills, Parke Skelton, & Lila Garrett. Sponsored by SCADA. L.A., CA, 6/24/01, 8:17.

Democracy University Volume 36:
VINCENT BUGLIOSI: "The Betrayal of America," with J. Vance, J. Higdon, D. Aragon, M. Benjamin, R. Enteen. Oakland, Ca., 8/2/1, 2:09.
DAVID BARSAMIAN, author of "The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting", L.A., Ca., 7/28/1, 1:59.
Former "Democracy Now" co-host JUAN GONZALES, w/John Connolly of AFTRA. Santa Monica, Ca., 8/26/1, 1:01.
Alive & Well founder Christine Maggiori on 20/20, 8/17/01, :15.
"Ralph Nader at the Rose Garden", with Jello, Medea, & more. Portland, OR, 8/4/01, 2:58.

Democracy University Volume 37:
"A TEACH-IN on AFGHANISTAN: Women's Rights, Oil Politics, Refugees, the Taliban, & Other Groups", with Sonali Kolhatkar, Dr. Jim Ingalls, and others. At Midnight Special Bookstore, Santa Monica, Ca., 5/5/01; 3:05.
The L.A. Preliminary Hearing of the KOREAN TRUTH COMMISSION on U.S. Military Massacres of Civilians, with Hwa Young Lee, S. Brian Willson, & visiting victims. With press conference (:56). Loyola LS, L.A. Ca., 3/22/1; 2:49.
NOAM CHOMSKY in INDIA: "9/11 & Its Aftermath: Where is the World Heading?" Chennai Music Academy, 11/10/01, 2:32.

Democracy University Volume 28.1-7 (Los Angeles Democratic Intervention, 2000)

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Democracy University Volume 28.1:
:00 People's Convention Planning Meeting, 6/00;
1:19 Press Conference for Mumia, 8/8, with Casey Kasem
1:43 Anarchist Press Conference, 8/8
2:21 Convergence Center Tour
3:16 Homeless Convention Press Conference, 8/9
4:06 DAN/D2kLA demands
4:38 Artist's Press Conference
5:24 Welcome People to the People's Convention, with Ross Altman, Joe Maizlish, Aquilene Soriano, Rd. Becker, Bob McClosk, Linda Tubach, Don White, Maria Guardado, Gene Ruyle
7:48 PCLA 8/10: Schools & Pollution: S. Timmons 6/1 to 8/10/00, 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 28.2:
:00 Save Ballona: Kathy Knight, Patricia. Urban Pipelines: Michelle Gromet & Larry Teeter.
1:36 Presidential Candidates: Monica Moorehead, Joel Kovol, Jeffrey Peters, Art Olivier, & David Mac Reynolds
2:59 8/11: D2k Legal Team at LA City Council
3:48 Chicano Caucus at the Convrgence Center
4:02 PCLA Sci-Tech workshop
5:14 Panel on Racism with Delores Huerta.
6:30 Music; Perspectives on Voting. 8/10 & 8/11/00, 8:08.

Democracy University Volume 28.3:
:00 Voting, conclusion
0:28 Sat. 8/12: Globalization & Women Panel with L. Hankey
1:31 African-American Reparations & Black Farmers
2:43 Treatment of Gays/Trans (Mike Varady)
3:05 Improving Schools with Marsha Feinland
4:10 Capitalist Politics with Tom Condit
5:02 Prison Labor, the Drug War, Police Brutality, & Leonard Peltier, with J. Jordan, Mike Ruppert, J. Johnson, T. Sociya, J. Day
6:14 R. Altman
7:12 Crack and the CIA panel 8/11 & 8/12/00, 8:09.

Democracy University Volume 28.4:
:00 Crack & the CIA, continued, with Dedon Kamathi, Mike Ruppert, Bill Siich, Cele Castillo, Donna Warren.
1:29 Resolutions
3:02 Entertainment: Denise Robb & Sheri Glaser
3:39 8/13: Rally to Free Mumia, with Medea Benjamin, Ed Asner, Len Weinglass, Delores Huerta, Joe Veale, Gloria LaRiva, and Pam Africa
5:52 Police
5:57 Protest pit rally for Mumia, with Jesse Jackson, L. Holmes, M. Zinzun; music
6:59 8/15 Press Conference
7:43 Homeless Convention and Press Conference 8/12 to 8/15/00, 8:10.

Democracy University Volume 28.5:
:00 Homeless Convention Press Conference, continued, with Ted Hayes; Dome Village
1:12 Convergence Center: Arrestee report
1:18 Patton Boggs Democratic fundraiser: Kevin Danaher, Juliet Beck
3:52 8/17: Tour of JusticeVision; walk to Staples;
4:03 Protest Pit: Jesus as JFK; on to Pershing
4:13 Interviews with arrestees, media, & others
5:09 Korea veterans
5:21 Detainee
5:37 Vieques Protest, Rally, and March, with Rd. Becker & and David Rasmussen; arrival of March at the Protest Pit. 8/15 to 8/17, 8:11.

Democracy University Volume 28.6:
:00 Protest Pit, continued
:14 Black Block: songs, chants, free speech; CNN videographer; flag burning
:36 Ted Hayes meets with Block
:47 New Kid in the Block (me!); Anarchist Jail
1:14 Cops and cockroaches
1:17 IMC Center Press Conference
1:52 Democracy Now! town hall with Amy, Jello, Medea, Spearhead, T. Hayden.
3:55 Juliet Beck reports back
4:15 Convergence Center: Rainbow Family
4:25 8/18: IAC: Week Review with Rd. Becker
6:57 8/19: Twin Towers prisoner solidarity. 8/17 to 8/19/00, 7:55.

Democracy University Volume 28.7:
"Crashing the Party", a documentary by the L.A. Indy Media Center on the 2000 Democratic Party Intervention in L.A., Ca.; 1:25.
OFFICE of the Americas 17th Anniversary Celebration, with Kris Kristofferson, Jim Hightower, & many more, honoring Madeline Janis Aparicio & Haskell Wexler. L.A., 11/11/00, 2:22.
MATT GROENING, creator of "The Simpsons", with clips, and appearances by Harry Shearer & 3 others. UCLA, 11/30/00, 1:54.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "The World vs. the Banks: Globalization, Democracy, & Human Rights," video by Roger Leisner. 9/26/00, 2:26.

Democracy University Catalog; 2000 (du20-27)

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Democracy University Volume 20:
RANDALL ROBINSON: "The Debt: What America Owes Blacks," Marcus Books, Oakland, 1/20/00, 1:03.
Father ROY BOURGEOIS: "The Struggle to Close the School of the Americas," 3/12/00, 1:16
Documentary: "Crossing the Line," :16.
MEDEA BENJAMIN, Global Exchange Founder & Senate Candidate, 2/29/00, 1:09.
Ralph NADER at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, 3/1/00, :54.
BLASE BONPANE: "Ethics," L.A. Harbor College, 3/14/00, 1:37.
"House Demolitions & Peace in Israel" with Salim Shawamreh & Jeff Halper, 2/1/00, 1:54.

Democracy University Volume 21:
"Who Owns America?" with Bernie Sanders, Patrick Caddell, Jim Hightower, Michael Garcia, Antonio Villaraigosa, Robert Borosage, Dr. Jennifer Malin, Edwin Ellis, Madison Shockley, Jim Jontz, Arianna Huffington, Ellen Miller, Dennis Kucinich, David Korten, David Freeman, Barbara Osborn, H. Meyerson, & Peter Dreier. University Synagogue, L.A., Ca., 4/9/00,5:03.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "U.S. Foreign Policy in a Globalized World," Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 3/13/2000, 1:37.
RALPH NADER: "Governments, Corporations, & the Environment in the 21st Century," California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, Ca., 4/24/00, 1:29.

Democracy University Volume 22: The 30th Annual Commemoration of the KENT STATE MASSACRE
:00 Candlelight March and Vigil
:30 Press Conference with injured survivors
1:01 Commemoration Event: students, performers, family & friends of the victims; Country Joe McDonald, Juliette Beck, Vernon Bellecourt, Julia Butterfly Hill, Ramona Africa, Mumia Abu-Jamal (taped), & Noam Chomsky.
5:04 Workshop with Noam Chomsky. All at Kent State U, Kent, Ohio, 5/3-4/00; 6:52.
"Fluoridation's Devastating Effects," with biochemist John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., 9/4/95, 1:12.

Democracy University Volume 23.1: The GREEN PARTY's 2000 CONVENTION, TAPE 1
:00 Press Conference
:12 Fri. Night: David Brower, Winona LaDuke, Anne Goeke, Alex Gonzales, Craig Palmer, Franc'se Duthu, Maital'l Gurung.
1:41 Trinity Church: T. Weis, D. Brower, W. Harrelson, M. Benjamin.
2:26 March to WTC and State Capitol Bldg: Jim Hightower, Jake Kreilick, Joe American Horse, John Anderson, Pete Maysmith, Rich McClintock, & Granny D (Doris Haddock).
3:29 Manning Marable
4:09 Platform
5:51 Skit; Song.
6:03 Ann Northrop, Euro Rep., Sidney Wolfe.
7:12 Nader/LaDuke Reception 6/23-24/00; 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 23.2: The GREEN PARTY's 2000 CONVENTION TAPE 2:
:04 R. Mirkarimi, A. Goeke, A. Garba, M. Mroz, 1st Strike
:29 Carol Miller, Dr. Helen Caldicott
1:15 Sunday Morning: Denver Greens.
1:25 Medea Benjamin, Pat LaMarche, Ron Forthofer, Eliz. Horton-Sheff
2:10 Paul Kelly, John Anderson
2:31 D. Torgerson, S. Amir, H. Brian, J. Jacobson, G. Dixon, M. Feinstein, Grn. Grp. Rep., A. de Jager, Granny D
3:53 Tony Mazzocchi, Joel Kovel, Jello Biafra, Stephen Gaskin, Jim Hightower
5:22 Roll-Call Vote; R.Dugger
6:12 NADER'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH 6/24-25/00; 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 24: Final Hearing of the INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY to Investigate US & NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia
:00 Flounders, Schuetz, Clark, Kuznetzov
:38 Crimes Against Peace: Foerstel, Israel, Hatton, Black, Moorehead, Collon; 6 more
2:10 War Crimes: La Riva, Sloan, E. Catalinotto, Yetsenko, 5 more
3:24 Crimes Against Humanity: Rifati, Raikovich, Chossudofsky, Taylor.
4:01 Preparation for War: Collon, Chomsky
5:10 More Evidence of US War Crimes: Lituchy, Elich, Troude; 6 more
6:42 Ramsey Clark NY, 6/10/00, 7:33.
Documentary: "JUDGEMENT", :32.

Democracy University Volume 25: 5 More Events with RALPH NADER
"Corporatization 101: How We Grow Up Corporate", a classroom lecture by Ralph Nader. CSULB, 9/13/00, 1:19.
Lunch with Ralph, CSULB, 11 minutes.
Ralph NADER: "The Corporatization of America", with Tongva Cultural Educator Cindi Alvitri. CSULB, 9/13/00, 1:49.
NADER at USC, with Medea Benjamin & Sara Amir. L.A., Ca., 9/13/00, 1:50.
Ralph NADER & Winona LADUKE: "The Politics of Joy & Justice", Portland Memorial Coliseum, 8/25/00, 3 hrs.

Democracy University Volume 26: CIA-DRUGS SYMPOSIUM II
CIA Drugs & the Corruption of American Society, with Peter Dale Scott, Michael Ruppert, Linda Ives, Jean Duffey, Mara Leveritt, Cele Castillo, Daniel Hopsicker, Dedon Kamathi, and Kris Millegan. Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles, Ca., 9/23/00, 7:43.
An excerpt from "Obstruction of Justice: the Mena Connection", a documentary about two boys who may have been murdered for witnessing a drug drop in Arkansas; cut shortened from 71 minutes; :40.

Democracy University Volume 27:
AMY GOODMAN: "From East Timor to the US", Cal Tech, Pasadena, 11/10/00, 1:51.
"To Protect & Serve": LAPD's attack upon the 10/22 Police Brutality Protest, & this reporter, with ACLU Press Conference, City Council & Police Commission testimony, & related. 10/22- 11/21/00, 2:27.
"Education or Incarceration?" with former LAPD policeman Gil Contreras, Professor David Werner, & Maralys Wills. Claremont, Ca., 10/14/00, 2:01.
ALBERTA LEE, daughter of scientist WEN HO LEE. Occidental College, 10/14/00, :55.
Oakland Mayor Jerry BROWN, San Diego, Ca., 10/17/00, :55.

Democracy University Volume 19.1-8 (WTO Protest, Seattle 1999)

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Tapes are 8 hours long.

Democracy University Volume 19.1: 1st Fri., 11/26 & early Sat., 11/27
:00 Arrival in Seattle: Animal Rights Activists
:03 Visit to the Independent Media Center
:14 Fair Trade Campaign Office
:29 "Economic Globalization & the Role of the WTO," by the International Forum on Globalization, Friday night: Impacts of Globalization: Mander, Barlow, George, Khor, Durdowski, Cavanagh, Shiva, Wallach.
3:45 Labor & Globalization: Cavanagh, Shailor, Jakobsen, Quan, Sunmono.
4:59 Agriculture & Globalization: Ritchie, Lang, Mit'l., Bov., H'ku.
6:12 M. Waters
6:19 Globalization & the Environment: Shrybman, Tauli-Corpuz, Jurado, Goldman, Kocherry. 7:56 Frankenfoods: Rosset, Suzuki. 11/26,27; 8:07.

Democracy University Volume 19.2: Saturday, 11/27:
:00 Biotech, continued: Suzuki, Egziabher, Ho, Mooney.
1:24 Corporate Rule vs. Democracy: Clarke, Roddick, Wiwa, Danaher, Bertrand, Hayes.
3:02 Principles... Cav'ngh, Morris, Hines, Wallach; respondents.
5:04 Globalization & the Poor: Mittal, Shiva, Egziabher, Norberg-Hodge, Larrain, Bello, Raghavan, Tauli-Corpuz, Khor. 7:51.
Noam Chomsky on Globalization, Jubilee 2000 & the Doctrine of Odious Debt, & Effects of NAFTA, from "Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights" given in Cleveland, OH, 3/14/99, :16. (continues at end of Sunday & Thurs. tapes)

Democracy University Volume 19.3: Sunday, 11/28: "Building the People's Movement".
:00 Panel 1: "Where are We, and Where are We Headed?", with C. Collins, E. Gross, M. Ramos, & Ronnie Dugger.
1:11 Panel 2: "How do We Assist the Emerging Movement?" with Ron Judd, S. Shrybman, E. C. Quinn, & P. Cienfuegos.
2:14 "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization," with B. Coates, S. George, C. Pey, & D. Lewit.
4:26 Theater
4:36 "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization," continued: Tony Clarke, J. Brecker, and M. Khor. 6:13.
Jubilee 2000 Service, with Sojourner Jim Wallis. 1:39.
Noam Chomsky on Jubilee 2000, 3/14/99, :17.

Democracy University Volume 19.4: Monday, 11/29: "Environment & Health Day"
:00 "The Human Face of Trade: Health & the Environment" with Max. Waters.
2:45 Rally: "Make Trade Clean, Green & Fair!" P. Wellstone, V. Shiva.
3:35 Gvt. Props.
5:02 "Chopping Block: Forests Under WTO"
6:18 "A Human Chain to Break the Chains of Global Debt", at the Kingdome.
6:56 "People's Gala" at Key Arena, with Mike Dolan, Mayor Paul Schell, P. Wellstone, Jim Hightower, Anita Roddick, T. Hayden, Seize the Day, Jello Biafra, R. Judd, Ann Pedifore, CDers, Kevin Danaher, Michael Moore. 11/29/99, 8:09.

Democracy University Volume 19.5: Tuesday, 11/30: "Labor & Human Rts. Day"
:00 "The Big Rally & March for Fair Trade", with Sweet Honey in the Rock. Memorial Stadium.
3:03 "The (Big) Citizens March"
3:11 Police provocation; CD; rubber bullet; gas masks.
3:30 "The WTO vs. the Right to Food & Health," with Jamie Love, Health Action Network; Kim Wilson, Gene Watch.
4:59: Gassing Report
5:02 "The U.N. Declaration on the Right to Development"; tape damaged.
5:23 Nader PC;
5:46 "Debate on WTO, with Nader, V. Shiva, J. Cavanaugh, J. Bhagwati;
7:47 Nader Interview; Store damage. 11/30/99, 8:06.

Democracy University Volume 19.6: Wednesday 12/1: "Women, Democracy, Sovereignty, & Development Day"
:00 Prayer: Her Voice
:05 Morning Plenary: 3rd World Voices
2:04 Ladies don't Drum; Raging Grannies.
2:43 March and Silent Demo.
3:14 World Bank Boycott Teach-In, with Kevin Danaher.
4:30 1st Part of General Agreement on Trade & Services panel - sound probs.
4:47 "Celebrate the Resistance to WTO" with David Brower, Jim Hightower, Jim Page, Human Nature Theater Co. 12/1/99, 7:18.
David Korten at Alliance for Democracy, Hunt, Texas, 11/21/96, :39.

Democracy University Volume 19.7: Thursday, 12/2: "Food and Agriculture Day"
:00 Police Misconduct Reports
:27 International Farmers Press Breakfast
1:08 Plenary on Corporatization of Agriculture, Food Security, & Socially Just Agriculture, with M. Ritchie, V. Shiva, R. Nader.
2:58 Support Family Farms Rally, Pike Pl. Market: Jim Hightower, Al Krebs, R. Nader, Seize the Day, Corky Evans; March to Weyerhauser.
4:14 Jail Solidarity March and Demonstration
6:17 Residents' Protest; flag burnings. 12/2/99, 7:05
Mark Ritchie at Alliance for Democracy Convention, Boulder, 4/30/99, :52;
Chomsky: NAFTA, 3/14, :11.

Democracy University Volume 19.8: 2nd Fri., 12/3: "Corporate Accountability Day"
:00 Occupied Seattle
:03 Labor Temple: Preparations
:11 "Who Rules? Corporate Accountability" Q & A
1:02 March to Labor Temple
1:06 "Rally and March for a Democratic WTO & a Democratic Seattle."
2:07 "Democracy Spellout & Rally" at Labor Temple.
2:42 Alliance for Democracy Office
2:45 Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque event.
5:08 2nd Prisoner Solidarity Sit-In, outside jail. 12/3/99, 5:39.
Jane A. Morris & POCLAD, 11/21/96, :59;
Panel on Corporations with D. Korten, 5/1/99, 1:27.

Democracy University Catalog; 1996-1999 (du1-18)

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Tapes are 6 hours long, minimum donation $5 per tape. Contact us for availability information.

Democracy University Volume 1:
OFFICE of the AMERICAS 14th Anniversary, honoring LORI BERENSON, withMaxine Waters, Ramsey Clark, Steve Allen, & Mark and Rhoda Berenson. 11/15/97,1:59.
Noam CHOMSKY: "Democracy & Markets in the Evolving World Order", NortheasternU., 12/5/97, 2:24.
Helen CALDICOTT: "Medical Implications of theConsumption Economy", UCLA Medical Center, 11/18/97, :53.
ALLIANCE for DEMOCRACY: Ronnie Dugger Interview; Jim Bush: Alliance Song; Native American protest singer Victor McManamy. Atchison, Kansas, 10/31/97, :50.

Democracy University Volume 2:
Dr. David KORTEN, author of "When Corporations Rule the World," at Alliance for Democracy Founding Convention, 11/21/96, :39.
Tony CLARKE, author of "Silent Coup", "Dismantling Corporate Rule", & "MAI", AfD's 2nd Convention, 10/30/97, 1:15.
Jane Ann Morris, Mike Ferner, & Peter Kellman of POCLAD (Program On Corporations, Law, & Democracy), 11/21/96, 1:12.
Howard ZINN, Molly IVINS, & Tom NEILSON, AfD's 1st. Convention, 11/22/96, 1:17.
"Rethinking Corporations, Rethinking Democracy," Richard Grossman & Ward Morehouse, L.A., Ca., 1/30/96, 1:44.

Democracy University Volume 3:
Valentine's Day with HOWARD ZINN & STUDS TERKEL; introduced by Alice Walker. Berkeley, Ca., 2/14/98, 1:48.
GREEN GATHERING '96 HIGHLIGHTS: "NADER '96!": Excerpts from Nader's Acceptance Speech, 8/19/96, :26.
Winona LaDuke (via videotape), Keiko Bonk, Ronnie Dugger, Sherry Meddick, & Dan Hamburg. 8/19/96, :41.
RALPH NADER'S Acceptance Speech for the Green Party Presidential Nomination, 8/19/96, 2:20.
Steve Hill, Ronnie Dugger, & Muriel Tillinghast on Coalition Building. 8/18/96, :52.

Democracy University Volume 4:
GORE VIDAL in conversation with CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, Berkeley, Ca., 3/11/98, 1:28.
"MAI: A Bill of Rights for Corporations?" with Lori Wallach, Dan Seligman, & Antonia Juhasz. SF, Ca., 2/24/98, 1:43.
SABINA VIRGO, political analyst & co-chair of the Crack the CIA Coalition: "The Wizard & the Birdcage: How Racism, Violence, Class & Gender Interact with each other." Music by Linda D. Fisher. LA; 3/7/98, 1:15.
DR. PETER DUESBERG, author: "Inventing the AIDS Virus: Non-Contagious Causes of Aids". Costa Mesa, Ca., 8/18/95, 1:42.

Democracy University Volume 5:
SAVE IRAQ'S CHILDREN: A Rally to End the US/UN Embargo Against Iraq, with Ramsey Clark, Kathy Kelly, Gloria La Riva, Michel Shehadeh, & Reverend Jim Lawson. L.A., Ca., 3/7/98, 2:07.
M. L. KING Interfaith Celebration Excerpt, with Jesse Jackson, Blenda Wilson, & Steve Allen. Beth Hillel, Burbank, Ca., 1/19/98, 1:05.
WARD Valley Walking Tour, 4/25/97, :51.
"An INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL Court: The Challenge of Enforcing Human Rights Law," with Ambassador for War Crimes David Scheffer, Happy Mutesi, Richard Dicker, Elizabeth Farr, & Edwin M. Smith. LA, 2/26/98, 2:03.

Democracy University Volume 6:
3 Events with Political and Social Critic Dr. NOAM CHOMSKY: "Market Democracy: Doctrines and Reality", Winona State University, Winona, Minn., 4/19/98, 2:37;
"Whose World Order: Conflicting Visions", a fundraiser for the High School Workers' Initiative of the Workers' Project, at Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 4/21/98, 2:15;
"Crackers with Noam": Chomsky in conversation with labor union members and others, at the Northeast Indiana Central Labor Council, Ft. Wayne, In., 4/21/98, 1:16.

Democracy University Volume 7:
Dr. NOAM CHOMSKY: "New Horizons in the Study of Language", Winona State U., Winona, Minn., 4/20/98, 2:01.
"The Struggle for Self-Determination in East Timor", w/Jose Ramos-Horta of the CNRM, and Filmmaker Max Stahl. At the Wilshire United Methodist Ch., Los Angeles,CA, 4/30/96, 2:12.
NOAM CHOMSKY: "Prospects for the Third World at Home and Abroad", given at Hampshire College, at the conference "Border Crossings: The Commitments of a Political Intellectual," celebrating the Life & Work of Eqbal Ahmad. Amherst, MA, 10/3/97, :55.

Democracy University Volume 8:
"The CIA, Contras, Crack, & the Justice Department's Report," with Gary Webb, at Libros Revolucion, L.A., CA, 7/25/98, 2:11.
"DARK ALLIANCE: Crack Cocaine, the C.I.A., Contras, & the Censors," with Pulitzer Prize Winner Gary Webb, Dennis Bernstein, and Martha Honey. Berkeley, CA, 6/13/98, 1:57.
"The Corporate Threat to Democracy: Censorship in the Newsroom," with Ben Bagdikian, Randy Baker, Dennis Bernstein, Beth Sanders, & Van Jones. Berkeley, CA,6/25/98,1:30.
MICHAEL PARENTI at the Independent Proggressive Politics Summit. Oakland, Ca., 6/12/98, :29.

Democracy University Volume 9:
Two Events with NOAM CHOMSKY at the UNIVERSITY of CALGARY, Calgary, Canada:
"Whose World Order: Conflicting Visions," 9/22/98, 1:43;
Chomsky Press Conference, 9/23/98, :44.
JENNIFER HARBURY: "The Search for Justice for Guatemala," with Dennis Bernstein & Edgar Ayala. SF, 8/24/98, 1:18.
The US Army's "School of the 'Assassins,'" with Blase Bonpane, Mariah Darlington, & (via video) former SOTA instructor Major Joseph Blair. 5/2/98, 1:35.
"Drug Crazy: US War on Drugs," Mike Gray, L.A., CA, 8/13/98, :49.

Democracy University Volume 10.1: (Part 1 of 3)
LABOR PARTY 1st Constitutional Convention, TAPE 1:
:00 Opening with Pittsburgh's SolidarityChorus
:13 Bob Clark
:25 UAW President GeorgeBecker
:58 CAW Pres. Buzz Hargrove
1:30 Just Health Care march and rally, with Chris Townsend, Dr. Sidney Wolf, Kit Costello, KathleenConners
2:19 Resolution on Workers Rights Campaign with Joe Uhlein and UMW President Cecil Roberts
3:04 Resolution on Electoral Politics: presentation, amendments, and floor discussions
5:07 Corporate Twilight Zone
5:41 Afscme VP Henry Nicholas
5:59 Karen Silkwood Award 11/13-14/98

Democracy University Volume 10.2: (Part 2 of 3)
LABOR PARTY 1st Constitutional Convention, TAPE 2:
:00 Solidarity Hour: Testimony of Striking & Locked Out Workers, with Sylvester Rodriguez, Baldemar Velasquez, Allen Gallegos, Ron Baker, Lou Ashby, Bobby Phillips, Bill Lee, Robert Erminger, & Tom Christ
1:12 MICHAEL MOORE (inside)
2:23 What's Left in Political Cartooning Exhibit with Gary Huck
3:06 Ralph NADER
3:55 Baldemar Velasquez, president, Farm Labor Org. Committee
4:01 Science & Technology Cmte. Meeting: "Impacts of Corp. Controlled Biotechnology..." (11/13/98, 2:06), Pittsburgh, Pa., 11/14-15/98,

Democracy University Volume 10.3: (Part 3 of 3)
LABOR PARTY 1st Constitutional Convention, TAPE 3:
:00 Rules
:23 Credentials
:28 Introductions
:34 Resolution on Labor Party Style of Work
1:04 Resolution on Changing the Party Structure
2:04 Discussion of Resolution on A Call forMore Labor Party Campaigns
2:26 Pledges
2:32 Resolutions on Single Payer Healthcare, Social Security, and Fair Trade
3:46 Constitution Cmte. Report
4:33 Resolution Cmte. Report
5:25 Credentials Report
Postal Privatization documentary, :17
Tony Mazzocchi with Mildred Gordon, MP, in L.A., 5/98, 2:00
MichaelMoore outside convention, :23.

Democracy University Volume 11.1: (Part 1 of 3)
:00 "Voices for Freedom: Former & Current Prisoners Speak Out," with R.Africa, Chrystos, D. Gaither, Piri Thomas, M. Keck, "B.B." Smith, A. Mercurio, D. Wilmott.
1:48 "Political Economy of the Prison-Industrial Complex," excerpt, with DT Goldberg, E. Goldberg, R. Vineski.
2:33 "What is the PIC? What are the Goals of Critical Resistance?", w/Angela Davis, Luis Talamantez, Mike Davis, Eric Tang, J. Lopez.
4:37 "New Vocabularies of Resistance: Building a Language for Real Justice" with Eric Mann, Kimberle Crenshaw, & Avery Gordon.
Berkeley, 9/25-26/98

Democracy University Volume 11.2: (Part 2 of 3)
:00"Resisting the Growing Criminization and Stigmitization of Sex Workers,"with Petra Ostergren, Carol Leigh, Tallulah Bankhelst, Vtria. Schneider.
1:12 "Histories of Prison Activism: Past, Present, & Future," Chrlene Mitchell, Ell Rosenblatt, D. Matlan, C.Najera.
2:47 "Welfare as Warfare: Progressive & Regressive Traditions in Welfare Policy," with Sabina Virgo, Tony Platt, Malika Saada-Saar, & Erica Etelson.
4:14 Native Women In. and the PIC," with Luana Ross, IvyChaske, Cheryl Porter, & Darcie Houck.
5:39 "Alliance Building II, pt. 1,"

Democracy University Volume 11.3: (Part 3 of 3)
:00 "Alliance Building II, pt. 2," with Angela Davis, Eliz. Martinez, Abdul Shakur, J. Brown Childs.
:50 Research & Activism TF, with Angela Davis.
1:17 Media/Culture Rep'tn TF.
1:36 "Prisons: the NewSlavery II," with Reese Erlich. Stacy Kono, JulieBrowne, and Robert Meengs.
2:52 "Day One of the Campaign," with Angela Davis, Geronimo Pratt, Ellen Barry, Bernadine Dohrn, Bobby Castillo, Rafael Miranda, Lateefah Simon, & Julia Sudbury. 9/27/98
Welcome Home GERONIMO!: Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt's L.A. Homecoming, 7/26/97, 1:25.

Democracy University Volume 12:
WINONA LA DUKE: "Deconstructing the American Paradigm: Indigenous Vision for the Millenium" with Michael Leon-Guerrero. UC Berkeley, 12/4/98, 2:13.
MICHAEL PARENTI: "A Republic Against Caesar: Class Power & Conspiracy in Ancient Rome," Berkeley, Ca., 10/3/98, 1:28.
ART KUNKIN: "The History (& Rebirth) of the L.A. Free Press, & Nixon's Plan to Cancel the 1972 Election," 12/11/98, 1:40
"The Next Fight to SAVE HEADWATERS FOREST: Politics vs. Science," part 1, with David Brower & Joan Dunning. Berkeley, Ca., 10/4/98, :46.

Democracy University Volume 13:
NOAM CHOMSKY: "CRISIS IN IRAQ: Understanding US Motives Behind Sanctions and Confrontation," by the Boston Mob. for Surv. & the Cmpgn. for the Iraqi People, at the Meeting House of the 1st Parish Unitarian Church, Harvard Square, Boston, Ma. 1/30/99, 2:30.
RALPH NADER (49 mins.) and MICHAEL MOORE (50 mins.) on Issues of Democracy, at the Labor Party's 1st Constitutional Convention, Pittsburgh, Pa., 11/14 & 11/15/98, 1:39.
HOWARD ZINN: "The Uses of History," with Annette Rubinstein & Marv Gettleman, at Brecht Forum, NYC, 1/14/99, 1:57.

Democracy University Volume 14:
STOLEN LIVES INDUCTION CEREMONY, honoring Tyisha Miller, Hector Islas, Danny Ray Smith, Marc Fitzsimmons, Irvin Landrum, James Martinez, Angry Bear Nieto, Amadou Diallo, and Derek Hayward, w/Reverend Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory, Rodney King, members of the Tyisha Miller Steering Cmte., & the Oct. 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality. Riverside, Ca., 4/18/99, 2:57.
May 10th Protest in Response to the Riverside DA's announcement that the killers of Tyisha Miller would not be prosecuted. Riverside, Ca. Civic Center, 5/10/99, 2:00.
Police Brutality Documentary, 10/22/97, :30.

Democracy University Volume 15:
MICHAEL PARENTI: "U.S. Empire & the War Against Yugoslavia," CSU Fullerton, 5/5/99, 1:41.
Howard ZINN: "A New Perspective on U.S. History," given in the context of NATO's involvement in Yugoslavia. Sonoma State University, 5/6/99, 1:39.
"NATO & KOSOVO: What the Media Isn't Saying" with Belgian journalist Michel Collon, Sara Flounders, Lenora Foerstel. 2/21/99, 1:56.
NOAM CHOMSKY: An Interview by Yuhani Yli-Vakkuri on Yugoslavia and on Globalization. Taped at MIT by Martin Voelker. 4/6/99, :50.

Democracy University Volume 16.1:
1st Hearing of of the INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF INQUIRY to Investigate US/NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia, TAPE 1:
:00 Opening Plenary: "The Case for an Independent War Crimes Tribunal"
1:28 Closing Plenary: "The Indictment of William Clinton and Others for War Crimes"
3:59 "War, Lies &Videotape: The Role of the Media"
5:37 "War Crimes: Targeting of Civilians & Environmental Destruction"
(concludes on tape 2).
Sponsored by the International Action Center at the Fashion Institute ofTechnology, New York City, 7/31/99, 6:07.

Democracy University Volume 17:
Noam CHOMSKY: "Sovereignty & World Order: the Lessons of Yugoslavia and E. Timor", KSU, Manhattan, KS, 9/20/99, 1:46.
AMY GOODMAN: "Clinton's Other Love Affair: Foreign Policy & Human Rights in Nigeria & East Timor." UCLA, 11/11/98, 1:15.
RICHARD GROSSMAN: "The Corporate Insurgency Against Democracy", San Francisco, CA, 10/10/98, :59.
CRISIS at PACIFICA RADIO: L.A. Teach-In, with L. Bensky, D. Bernstein, Rafael Renteria, R. Tuckman, & P. Franck; KPFK Demo; Firing of Ruben Tapia; KPFA Lock-Out. 7/24/99 thru 8/28/99, 4:08.

Democracy University Volume 18:
Allan NAIRN: "The Siege of Dili, E.Timor", USC, L.A., Ca., 10/21/99, 2:04.
Saul LANDAU: "The Struggle for Human Rights", Santa Monica, Ca. 10/2/99,1:06.
Dolores HUERTA at the UCLA Labor Teach-In, 10/8/99, :18.
UCLA's"Teach-In on Globalization", with Kevin Danaher, Dr. Maulana Karenga, & Charlie La Chance. 10/19/99, 1:38.
"GOOD JOBS & the GLOBAL ECONOMY", with Dick Gephardt, Rd. Trumka, Linda Chavez- Thompson, Ken Georgetti, Juan Somavia, and Craig Kielburger, attending AFL-CIO Convention, L.A., Ca., 10/11/99, 3 hrs.

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